Version History

Below is a summary of all changes, fixes and enhancements affecting WebRotate 360 Product Viewer suite and its components. For the history of the recent CMS plugin releases and updates please refer to our Plugins page.

WebRotate 360 Product Viewer Beta [3.6.4 build 1] *20-May-2019

  • [+] Added support for uploading to PixRiot, our new optimized 360 product image hosting solution.
  • [+] Added new api.images.onFrame that is called whenever the current frame index changes.
  • [+] Enterprise license now works with domain names in the viewer config URL.
  • [!] Fixed "Play to label" to call the callback even when a 360 product view is already at the same frame as the label.
  • [!] WR360 namespace was added to global scope to still work when the viewer script is bundled.
  • [!] Fixed hotspots that were triggered via API to stay on when activated by a click within a viewer container.

WebRotate 360 Product Viewer 3.6.3 build 10 *30-October-2018

  • [+] Added optional toolbar auto-hide feature so the toolbar is not visible until "mouse-over" or touch.
  • [+] Added optional rotation on mouse wheel with an option to always spin on wheel or just when the viewer is zoomed.
  • [+] Added a new setting "disableRelativeAssets" to allow creating viewer config with absolute URLs (PRO only).
  • [+] Added new "delete" API to allow deleting viewer instances and cleaning memory in web apps.
  • [!] Fixed broken touch-screen support in latest Firefox when running on Windows devices that have both mouse and a touch-screen.
  • [!] Fixed browser popup warning when hotspot is configured to open a page in a new tab on activation.
  • [!] Fixed active hotspot popup breaking viewer on "in-place" reload (via hotspot actions or API).
  • [!] Fixed "reload" action / API to cleanly remove full-screen viewer instances on reload with a different 360 product spin.
  • [!] Fixed an issue where a multi-row 3d product view with "bounce" rotation on would jump to a wrong image on load.
  • [!] Fixed continuing full-screen viewer playback after full-screen has been deactivated.
  • [!] Fixed misplaced zooming focal point when "Flip axis" option is on.
  • [!] Fixed an issue where turning off full-screen before images are loaded in full-screen would break the viewer.
  • [!] Resolved multiple resource cleanup issues pertaining to unused timers.
  • [!] Removed global drag event handler as it broke other web apps that also needed drag support.
  • [!] Fixed SpotEditor project copy to correctly copy image pre-loader information and not break resulting projects.
  • [!] Fixed SpotEditor hotspot opacity in Text Content to get processed correctly on non-English Windows OS.

WebRotate 360 Product Viewer 3.6.2 build 207 *15-January-2018

  • [+] Introduced a feature to pause image loading after the first image is loaded with a customizable text hint and an option to resume on click, tap or hover.
  • [+] Introduced a feature to allow zooming on a single mouse click or touchscreen tap.
  • [+] Added new "zoom-light" and "zoom-dark" viewer skins for clean ecommerce designs that work well with the new zooming mode.
  • [+] Made zooming possible in full-screen mode.
  • [+] Added two mouse cursor styles for the new zooming mode.
  • [+] Added support for customer mouse cursors.
  • [+] Introduced "Wrap images" option in SpotEditor to size the view proportional to the dimensions of the imported images.
  • [+] Improved image rendering precision and quality (Windows) that fixes occasional ghost borders on images with busy or uneven background.
  • [+] Added configurable "scale up" animation for hotspot indicators when they become visible during the spin.
  • [+] Added an option to place the viewer toolbar at the top of the view.
  • [+] Improved viewer loading such that the first "pre-loader" image will always show before it proceeds to loading the rest.
  • [+] Improved animation of hotspot indicators when configured to hide on zoom. They will now expand with the images upon zoom-in until they completely fade out.
  • [+] Google Analytics integration will now record the title of a web page for the viewer events when a view name is not specified.
  • [+] flipAxis option can now be tested inside SpotEditor (previously it didn't apply until publish).
  • [!] flipAxis was fixed to not break the coordinate of a zooming center when zoom is triggered via mouse or touch.
  • [!] Stopped allowing panning while the viewer image is being zoomed-out to prevent odd artifacts.
  • [!] Removed padding and margins as well as the viewer border from "standard", "shortcode", "responsive" and "multiple views" templates so it's easier to integrate via iFrames, etc.

WebRotate 360 Product Viewer Beta [3.6.2 build 133] *27-July-2017

  • [+] Introduced incremental zoom.
  • [+] Reworked zooming implementation to allow precise zooming of the location selected by user.
  • [+] Introduced configurable zoom speed.
  • [+] Introduced "Rows On Single Index" allowing multi-row 3d product views consisting of just two rows: horizontal and vertical.
  • [+] Introduced "Flip Input Axis" primarily to allow spinning single-row 360 product views via vertical drag & touch.
  • [+] Removed obsolete cache optimization resulting in dramatically lighter browser load (RAM) in some browsers (e.g Firefox).
  • [+] Updated hotspot popup rendering to remove content margins (if any) automatically when the popup doesn't fit into viewing area.
  • [+] Added api.images.zoom API with the ability to zoom to a specified coordinate and zoom step.
  • [+] SpotEditor can now add multiple vertical rows at once under Images->Rows by specifying a folder with images.
  • [!] Flipping vertical or horizontal rotation input stopped affecting image panning when zoomed-in.
  • [!] Updated SVG images in the "thin" skin to fix rendering on some NVIDIA cards.
  • [!] Updated z-index in all CSS skins to eliminate conflicts with some third-party website designs.
  • [!] Updated viewer CSS to produce sharper images in Chrome on Windows when images are larger than viewer viewport.
  • [!] Explicitly defined that we want to cache AJAX loaded resources (e.g xml) so third-party implementation can't override it.
  • [!] Fixed an issue where hotspot popups would close instantly after activation if vertical rotation input was flipped.
  • [!] Fixed an issue where the pre-loader image was not always showing correctly when "reload" API was called with the reloadRowIndex parameter.
  • [!] Moved global viewer properties to document object to not pollute jQuery namespace.

WebRotate 360 Product Viewer 3.6.0 build 1391 *15-February-2017

  • [+] Version 3.6 is now officially released.
  • [+] Added progress callback (custom progress) handling in full-screen mode.
  • [+] "Full-screen on click" was added to the shortcode activation (see Shortcode publishing template).
  • [+] In-browser "full-screen" mode was added to the shortcode activation.
  • [+] Implemented option to flip vertical input to allow changing row direction in multi-row 3D product views.
  • [+] Introduced hotspot wrap option (in xml only) to optionally disable container edge detection for hotspot popups.
  • [+] Applied several miscellaneous optimization improvements.
  • [+] Introduced row index parameter in the "reload" API to allow reloading to a specified row.
  • [!] Full-screen button is automatically hidden when browser doesn't support full-screen when viewed in iFrame.
  • [!] Fixed in-browser "full-screen" mode to not allow accidental background page scrolling.
  • [!] Fixed "full-screen on click" to stop the reset of page scroll position on activation.
  • [!] Fixed "reload" API so that it closes any active hotspot lightbox popups on reload.
  • [!] Fixed full-screen deactivation such that it restores previous "overflow" (CSS) style set by the page.
  • [!] Changed maximum dimension of the published 360 and 3D product views in SpotEditor to 3840x2160 px.
  • [!] Fixed an issue that prevented files with .jpeg file extension from loading in SpotEditor.
  • [!] Switched to using jQuery 1.12.4 in templates that fixed odd console output errors related to xml parsing.

WebRotate 360 Product Viewer Release Candidate [3.6.0 build 1367] *26-July-2016

  • [+] Introduced new script-less "Shortcode" template that doesn't require script initialization snippets.
  • [+] All viewer skins now use vector SVG images for sharp presentation on high-density screens.
  • [+] Thin and round skins were restyled for modern looks.
  • [+] Vertical up & down toolbar arrows were added to all skins for complete support of 3D product viewing.
  • [+] Hotspot indicators were reworked and now use vector SVG images for sharp presentation on high-density screens.
  • [+] Introduced versioning of the indicator library in SpotEditor for future incremental indicator upgrades.
  • [+] Added rotateOnce API with variable speed support.
  • [+] Added onZoom API callback.
  • [+] Added progressCallback API for custom progress loaders.
  • [+] Added updateDimensions API to allow triggering resizing when responsiveness is not controlled via CSS alone.
  • [+] Added hotspot show / hide toggle API for visibility precise control.
  • [+] Added speed (period) parameter to playbackToggle and playbackStart APIs.
  • [+] Added callback parameter to hotspot activate API.
  • [+] Added automatic CSS classes for hotspot indicators and rollovers (hotspotName_indicator and hotspotName_rollover).
  • [+] apiReadyCallback is now also called in full-screen (full-screen flag added as a second parameter).
  • [+] Added jQuery 3.0 support.
  • [!] Fixed hotspot rollovers that were not closing on full-screen close (when configured as "Activate on click").
  • [!] Fixed "Hide hotspots on zoom" which didn't always work when unchecked.
  • [!] Fixed hotspot rollover image path which used backward slash in previous beta build that didn't always work.
  • [!] Fixed viewer toolbar in iOS / Safari where toolbar tapping would scroll page down.
  • [!] Fixed lightbox hotspot rollovers that showed empty text box even when no text was configured.
  • [!] .indicator_active CSS class is now removed upon hotspot deactivation for hotspots that don't have rollovers.
  • [!] Require Shift key when pressing arrow keys to navigate images in SpotEditor as it interfered with other shortcuts.
  • [!] Fixed viewer scripts to remove global namespace pollution and resolve other framework integration issues.
  • [!] Fixed image size calculation for SVG images in Microsoft IE11 and Edge browsers.
  • [!] Fixed responsive templates in SpotEditor to correctly use mobile meta tags.
  • [!] Fixed rollover responsive scaling for "content only" hotspots that didn't work when other hotspots were hidden or not present.
  • [!] Added warning for for the inconsistent number of rows in 3D product spins on new project creation.
  • [!] Removed z-index layer optimization in Firefox as renderings speeds improved dramatically starting FF 47.

WebRotate 360 Product Viewer Beta [3.6.0 build 1046] *02-February-2016

  • [+] Completely reworked hotspot rendering for consistent presentation on various mobile devices.
  • [+] Added responsive "lightbox" popup mode in hotspots that combines image, text and extra styling.
  • [+] Added advanced hotspot APIs.
  • [+] Added JavaScript hotspot action that can trigger custom function.
  • [+] Introduced new hotspot popup positioning option, allowing popup offsets on either side of a hotspot indicator.
  • [+] Added support for responsive images in hotspot popups.
  • [+] Added various options for extra styling of text in hotspot popups and better customization.
  • [+] Reworked hotspot activation to allow hotspot actions without popups (click or tap on an indicator will now trigger action if assigned).
  • [+] Introduced hotspot deactivation on click or tap.
  • [+] Added support for scalable SVG images in hotspot indicators and popups.
  • [+] Added new hotspot setting to control max width of images in popups for better control and sharp presentation on high density screens.
  • [+] Added new viewer parameter to control min viewer height in responsive layouts.
  • [+] Introduced new option on mobile devices to zoom-in images on double-tap .
  • [+] Introduced new option on mobile and desktop devices to switch to full-screen mode on double-tap or double-click.
  • [+] Added new setting to allow looping through vertical rows (without bounce) in multi-row 3D product views.
  • [+] Added support for unlimited number of imported 3D image rows during project creation in SpotEditor.
  • [+] Added instant preview of the effect of the X/Y-axis sensitivity settings in SpotEditor.
  • [+] Added keyboard and toolbar shortcuts in SpotEditor for 3D product viewing (i.e flipping rows).
  • [+] Added full monitor "full-screen" support in IE11 and Edge browsers (other browsers were already supported).
  • [+] Added hotspot duplication feature in SpotEditor.
  • [+] Added new setting (Flip horizontal input) to allow changing image drag direction without affecting playback.

WebRotate 360 Product Viewer Beta [3.6.0 build 604] *09-Jun-2015

  • [+] Introduced Google Analytics Integration to track user engagement (PRO).
  • [!] Fixed incomplete rotation when play "once" and image delays are configured.
  • [!] Fixed full-screen to show the same row on open as in small view (specific to multi-row 3D product views).
  • [!] Changed "standard" publishing template to use the latest API to stop using global imagerotator instance.

WebRotate 360 Product Viewer Beta [3.6.0 build 542] *27-Apr-2015

  • [+] Added image and row management under Images->Rows with add, remove, replace, rearrange options.
  • [+] Added separate JPG quality control on the Publish form to allow reducing full-screen & zoom loading times.
  • [+] Introduced new scalable loading progress indicator (via CSS3; on by default).
  • [+] Added horizontal drag sensitivity control for multi-row 3D product views.
  • [+] Added option on the publish form plus F6 shortcut key to allow skipping image processing.
  • [+] Implemented support for image delays in animated GIF publishing.
  • [+] Implemented automatic removal of iFrame elements from HTML hotspots when they become hidden to allow adding videos and sound embeds into hotspots (i.e Youtube, SoundCloud).
  • [+] Introduced automatic checking for software updates on the About form.
  • [+] New API parameter to allow configuring alternative 3D product view in full-screen mode.
  • [+] Made RequireJS delay-loading work with the imagerotator script.
  • [!] Fixed FTP uploads when "Upload assets only" is selected in the Connection Manager.
  • [!] Fixed touch events in the Android version of Firefox.
  • [!] Fixed image rotation locking when image delay is set on the preloader image with bounce effect enabled.
  • [!] Fixed crash on save after setting the first row image as a current image.
  • [!] Updated Windows installation certificate.

WebRotate 360 Product Viewer Beta [3.6.0 build 127] *18-Feb-2015

  • [+] Introduced multi-row support for 3D product photography and 3D CAD renderings.
  • [+] Updated API to support multi-row / 3D product rotation.
  • [+] Added new in-browser "full-screen" option that limits full-screen to browser window.
  • [+] Added new image delay option to slow down rotation on selected frames.
  • [+] Implemented image "pre-render" to speed up initial image rotation upon load.
  • [!] Fixed project settings copy function which was crashing unless hotspots or watermarks were present.
  • [!] Fixed reload API that didn't update full-screen view.
  • [!] Fixed getTotalImageCount API that was returning 0 based index instead of the image count.
  • [!] Playback will now stop if user activates hotspot while in playback.

PrestaShop Integration v2.0 Released (for PrestaShop 1.6.x and up) *20-Jan-2015

  • [+] Completely reworked module for PrestaShop 1.6.
  • [+] Product image gallery with skins via prettyPhoto.
  • [+] Integrated 360 viewer skin selection.
  • [+] Full responsiveness.
  • [+] Popup viewer mode in addition to reworked embedded integration.
  • [+] PrestaShop Quick View support.
  • [+] Updated scripts to latest core release (v3.5).

OpenCart Integration v1.5 Released (for OpenCart 2.x and up) *02-Jan-2015

  • [+] Product image gallery with skins via prettyPhoto.
  • [+] Embed 360 product views inside product image gallery via extra thumbnail & popup.
  • [+] OpenCart multi-store support.
  • [+] Reworked for new OpenCart admin and front-end responsive themes.

Joomla! Integration Released *18-Nov-2014

  • [+] Two types of shortcodes for embedded, popup and gallery views.
  • [+] Master settings for 360 product viewer defaults, skins, config and CDN.
  • [+] K2 content extension integration.
  • [+] VirtueMart content integration.
  • [+] Custom HTML modules.

WordPress Integration v2.5 Released *10-Nov-2014

  • [+] New plugin settings page with various defaults.
  • [+] Drop-down with 360 product viewer skins.
  • [+] Drop-down with prettyPhoto popup skins.
  • [+] Defaults for viewer dimensions, basewidth, Master Config, etc.
  • [+] New shortcode parameter to disable optimization for PNG images with opacity.
  • [+] Updated scripts to latest core release (v3.5).
  • [!] Fixed lightbox / popup integration to scale correctly on mobile screens.
  • [!] Shortcode width and height are now correctly parsed regardless of "px" at the end.

Magento Integration v3.5.5 Released *29-Oct-2014

  • [+] RWD design package is now supported out-of-the-box.
  • [+] Integrated 360 viewer skin selection.
  • [+] Introduced responsive height control via Base Width setting.
  • [+] Updated scripts to latest core release (v3.5).
  • [!] Fixed lightbox / popup integration to scale well on mobile screens.

OpenCart Integration v1.3 Released (for OpenCart 1.5.x) *17-October-2014

  • [+] Introduced responsive height control via Base Width setting.
  • [+] Integrated 360 viewer skin selection.
  • [+] Updated scripts to latest core release (v3.5).

WebRotate 360 Product Viewer 3.5.1 build 786 *15-September-2014

  • [+] Version v3.5 is now officially released.
  • [+] Added new Retina skin that supports high resolution mobile displays (e.g., iPad retina).
  • [+] Added several sets of new hotspot indicator images.
  • [+] Finalized v3.5 user guide.
  • [!] Hover-over or tap on hotspots during automatic playback now stops the playback.

WebRotate 360 Product Viewer Beta [3.5.1 build 764] *07-Aug-2014

  • [+] Animated GIF publishing.
  • [+] Reload API with callback and image index support.
  • [+] Empty skin for custom interface development via new API.
  • [+] Max crop limit control.

WebRotate 360 Product Viewer Beta [3.5.1 build 606] *15-Jul-2014

  • [+] API (programming interface) plus API publishing template.
  • [!] Fixed viewer touch control on hybrid Windows 8.x touchscreen devices that allow control via mouse and "touch".
  • [!] Fixed intermittent issue with FTP uploads where on occasion it would stop uploading if large image files were used.

WebRotate 360 Product Viewer Beta [3.5.1 build 550] *20-Jun-2014

  • [+] Added new hot-spot actions (xml reload action, toolbar action, label action).
  • [+] Added image rotation options on new project creation.
  • [!] Fixed missing progress loader percent numbers when 360 views reload in-place via xml reload.

WebRotate 360 Product Viewer Beta [3.5.1 build 417 PRO] *28-May-2014

  • [+] Added new "rounded" skin that can be activated on the Interface tab.
  • [+] Added new option to activate hot-spots on click vs hover (under Mouse options on the Edit Spot form).
  • [+] Added new option to show toolbar controls in full-screen.
  • [+] Added new option to expand / contract crop sliders at the same time (press ALT key while moving sliders).
  • [+] Added hot-spot indicator fade-in effect on viewer load.
  • [!] Fixed an issue with HTML hot-spot popups in fixed position where a rollover may shift after moving to the next frame.

WebRotate 360 Product Viewer Beta [3.5.1 build 376] *09-Apr-2014

  • [+] Added new publishing template for mobile-friendly full browser page 360-degree viewing.
  • [+] Added new publishing template for presenting multiple 360 product views on the same page.
  • [+] Added vertical swipe support on touch devices to allow vertical swipe gestures for improved page scrolling.
  • [+] Added two new hot-spot settings: (1) Hide hot-spots on viewer load (2) Hide hot-spots on zoom.
  • [+] Improved image panning when zoomed in inside the viewer. Now follows precise image dimensions.
  • [!] Fixed background color in full-screen. Now full-screen has the same background color as configured in SpotEditor.
  • [!] Fixed touch handling on Windows Phone 8.
  • [!] Fixed local Internet Explorer handling. Now can publish via SpotEditor and preview in IE locally on your desktop.
  • [!] Fixed PNG publishing in SpotEditor (Mac). It was broken with the latest Mac OS X 10.9.x release.
  • [!] Fixed SpotEditor (Win) that didn't work correctly with decimal numbers in hot-spot positions, etc on international versions of the OS (those with "," as a decimal point).

WebRotate 360 Product Viewer Beta [3.5.1 build 329] *03-Mar-2014

  • [+] Completely reworked publishing software and 360 viewer script (no more Flash support).
  • [+] Complete 360-degree image editing and publishing workflow.
  • [+] Simplified image import and project copy.
  • [+] Instant non-destructive 360 degree preview.
  • [+] Smart crop-resize.
  • [+] Instant photography filters.
  • [+] Clipping path tools.
  • [+] Image watermarking.
  • [+] New hot-spot rendering mode.
  • [+] Hot-spot indicator library.
  • [+] Advanced web publishing with FTP upload and templates.
  • [+] Multiple browser preview (local and online).
  • [+] Project files.
  • [+] Full-screen viewer function.
  • [+] Fully responsive viewer script (scales vertically and horizontally with hot-spots, etc).
  • [+] Can be used as a jQuery plugin.
  • [+] Multiple 360 product views on the same page.
  • [+] Rotation inertia or gradual slowdown on image drag / release.
  • [+] New viewer rotation mode that works on mouse hover vs mouse drag.
  • [+] Improved support for various mobile browsers and touch events.
  • [+] Anti-flicker system for large 360-degree image rendering.
  • [+] Out-of-the-box viewer integration in Magento, BigCommerce, OpenCart, PrestaShop and WordPress.

WebRotate 360 Product Viewer [3.0.0 build 930] *31-May-2012

  • [+] JavaScript / HTML5 mode (JS) is completely reworked (90% rewritten) and is now used as a default.
  • [+] SpotEditor is completely reworked (80% rewritten). Now supports viewer theming, zooming, and a lot more.
  • [+] Added full hot-spot support in JS mode.
  • [+] Added full zooming support in JS mode.
  • [+] Added new hot-spot type via custom HTML content (JS only).
  • [+] Added new "deep zoom" feature using second image set loaded for zooming only (JS and Flash).
  • [+] Added support for custom hot-spot indicator images (JS only).
  • [+] Added new "thin" toolbar theme and new hot-spot indicators, including animated ones (JS only).
  • [+] Added new fixed hot-spot positioning mechanism via screen sections and margins (JS only).
  • [+] Reworked iPhone and iPad implementation for smooth hot-spot presentation and zooming (JS only).
  • [+] Added new features to enable rotation direction control, including forced single rotation direction (JS only).
  • [+] Added new progress indicator animation with optional progress numbers (JS only).
  • [+] Updated all samples to highlight latest 360 viewer capabilities (JS only).
  • [!] Fixed numerous issues reported from beta testing and production testing of our previous releases.
  • [!] Find more information in our updated user guide here

WebRotate 360 Product Viewer [2.5.3] *18-Jul-2011

  • [+] Revamped SpotEditor tool; added support for all configuration settings as well as Preview / Publish function.
  • [+] Added five new samples (Basic, Color, JS, Popup, Phone).
  • [+] Added support for loading image / hotspot assets from locations separate from xml config (for CDN, etc).
  • [+] Added API for in-place viewer reload using different xml configuration.
  • [+] Added API setting (flybyJsMenuFix) to fix an issue where Flash may overlap dynamic JavaScript menus.
  • [+] Added new type of hotspot indicator that pulsates constantly.
  • [+] Added urlTarget (xml) setting to allow specifying URL open mode on click inside hotspot (_blank, _self).
  • [+] Added xml setting (bounce) for viewing when full set of 360 images is not available (e.g., 180-degree rotation).
  • [+] Added two xml settings for configuring color of progress animation.
  • [+] Allowed hotspot popups to close on mouse click.
  • [+] Removed dimming of product images when activating hotspot popups.
  • [+] Enabled hotspot disable (xml) setting to also apply in JavaScript mode.
  • [+] Enabled toolbarBackAlpha (xml) setting to also apply in JavaScript mode.
  • [+] Enabled disableMouseControl (xml) setting to also apply in JavaScript mode.
  • [+] Added support for checking viewer version via Firebug.
  • [!] Fixed static hotspots to prevent browse action when no URL is assigned.
  • [!] Fixed IE security issue specific to Free edition (presented itself as a jQuery access error in IE statusbar).
  • [!] Fixed issue in Webkit browsers where mouse cursor would sometimes change into selection mode on click.
  • [!] Fixed issue in JavaScript mode where viewer was skipping on a single image during rotation via mouse dragging.
  • [!] Fixed issue where JavaScript mode was not letting more than one static hotspot.
  • [!] Updated End-User License Agreement (License.PDF).
  • [!] Launched our new website with a quick tour of the key product features

WebRotate 360 Product Viewer [2.5.1] *22-Apr-2011

  • [+] Added static hotspots (fixed to coordinate).
  • [+] Added URL click action for all hotspots.
  • [+] Added configuration drag & drop for SpotEditor.
  • [+] Added hotspot disabling UI / xml parameter <hotspot disabled>.
  • [+] Optimized mobile support to allow 100% screen stretch and orientation control.
  • [+] Added rotation swing support for touch enabled devices.
  • [+] Added flashEmbedFonts xml parameter to allow different character sets (i.e., Cyrillic).
  • [!] Fixed IE7 toolbar layout issue in JavaSrcipt viewer.
  • [!] Fixed jQuery namespacing issues for integration with third-party CMS.
  • [!] Fixed playback button in JavaScript viewer that wouldn't toggle on iPhone / iPad.
  • [!] Fixed jsScriptOnly naming.
  • [!] Removed spotinfo id attribute as it becomes obsolete

WebRotate 360 Product Viewer [2.5.0] *07-Apr-2011

  • [+] Introduced 360 JavaScript viewer for mobile devices with touch support (iPhone, iPad, Android, etc).
  • [+] Added Set Template button in SpotEditor to allow inheriting settings and hotspots from existing xml.
  • [+] Added UI / xml parameters for changing color / transparency of hotspot circle.
  • [+] Added UI / xml parameters for changing color / transparency of toolbar buttons.
  • [+] Added toolbar strip background and color / transparency configuration.
  • [+] Added 'once' option for <rotation rotate> to only go through a single loop on load.
  • [+] Added UI / xml parameters for customizing font height, colors and width for text hotspots.
  • [!] Fixed issue with toggle buttons erroneously switching state.
  • [!] Fixed issue where hotspot toggle button was showing when no hotspots were configured.
  • [!] Fixed multiple issues that prevented showing just a single image instead of a set of 360.
  • [!] Reorganized folders and references for more flexible deployment options.

WebRotate 360 Product Viewer [2.4.0] *09-Feb-2011

  • [+] Added Flash full-screen capability.
  • [+] Added Tool-tip support for toolbar controls.
  • [+] Added Flash hotspots that can be added externally as SWFs.
  • [+] Added Hotspot on / off toggle switch button.
  • [+] Added maxZoomFullScreen and fullScreenStretch xml parameters to control zooming in full screen.
  • [+] Added 'none' and 'first' options for <preloader image> to show nothing or first image during viewer preload.
  • [!] Fixed issue with viewer background transparency.
  • [!] Stopped stretching 360 images to fit the viewer on load when they are smaller than configured view.

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