• How to Integrate WebRotate 360 Product Views in Wix

    Here's a quick guide on how to integrate your 360 product spins in Wix. The process is pretty straightforward but you will need to have a separate hosting account for uploading the product spins. If you don't have an extra hosting space outside of Wix, we would be happy to upload a couple of your 360 product views to our optimized Amazon servers - just let us know.

    So let's review a few simple steps using this example spin URL we host on our servers:

    1) Enter Edit mode in your Wix dashboard and select a page where you plan to add a product spin. Click Add button (a circle with a plus sign) in the menu on the left to expand available widgets and then press More in the menu to bring the advanced options.

    2) Select HTML Code (the first item under Embeds section) and then resize and align the widget box on your page according to your site layout.

    3) In the widget settings (you have to click on the widget to see the settings gear icon), select Website Address and enter this example URL:

    4) Confirm your URL selection and you should now see this example 360 product view loaded inside the widget box:

    To create your own 360 product views, use WebRotate 360 SpotEditor to import your existing images (360 product photography or rendered in a 3d design software) and publish a finalized interactive viewer package on your computer.

    Make sure to select the "Mobile full page" template on the Publish form in SpotEditor so that your template is fully responsive and can contract and expand with your Wix widget on any device.

    Once published, upload the contents of the 'published' folder that the software creates in your project directory to a web hosting of your choice (you may simply share it with us and we will host it for you free of charge for all your testing needs - contact us). Note the URL of the .html file in the uploaded folder and use this URL inside the HTML Code widget under Website Address as we show in Step 3 above.

  • Guest post - 360 Product Photography of Long Narrow Objects by Jacek Śliwczyński

    Here at WebRotate 360 we're against any form of recreational hunting.

    This last project seemed typical - the shop needed a few 360 product photos of jackets, trousers, hats and some gadgets for their online store. Until I realized they also wanted to photograph a set of hunting rifles...

    At first, I didn't know how to go about the setup and had to visit the store and see the guns up close. This was good enough to decide on the final approach: spin and shoot the rifles in an upright position so that they would spin around the barrel axis. Once images were ready, they could be flipped 90 degrees clockwise and presented in a horizontal layout inside a finalized 360 product view for further web placement.

    When it comes to lighting setup, I always stick to the rule to not overdo it with the number of flash units. I try to stick to the principle of the London photographer David Bailey, who once said: "There is only one f**king sun!" With the 360 spin photography, it's not always possible to use a single flash but nevertheless, my setup was pretty simple as you can see in the above image.

    I was not shooting this in my studio (it was done on the spot inside the store in a protected warehouse in Poland) so there was no way to make it perfect, but I knew that WebRotate's SpotEditor would make my "post" work easier so I didn't care too much about the background not being perfectly lit and that there was an incomplete background on the sides of the rifles.

    I went with 40 photos per 360 spin so it's smooth when loaded inside the viewer and here's how I processed the images in  SpotEditor:

    From camera (Canon 80D, 50mm macro, f11/125, JPG)
    Created a path with start and end point
    Applied and locked selected path to all images
    Moved "Whites" slider to the left to overexpose the white background
    Unchecked magenta alert

    That's it! You can see a few examples of the work I did on this project on my website here:

    I hope this will help some of you who will be shooting 360 product photography of long narrow products like these rifles. All in all, I'm very pleased with the results and the client was happy too.

    Keep on Photographing!

    Jacek Śliwczyński / Poland
    Google Trusted Photographer

    We have recently moved all posts from our old photogear360 blog here, so here's some related material you may find useful:

  • DIY 3D Product Photography

    If you are just starting with 360 product photography, we often recommend to play with something simple like this DIY turntable or a similar "lazy susan" platform. Heck even a cake stand would do as a proof of concept. We shot hundreds of products for our commercial clients using that DIY table in the link so it works! Or you can get one of the many automated display stands on eBay that we see some folks re-sell for x2 the price as "360 product photography" turntables elsewhere (ha, right!).

    The multi-row photography like the JVC example by Flipside Studios on our home page (click the 3D button there) is quite more involved though. The trick is to turn your camera around a product vertically in desired increments after completing each set (or row) of our usual 360-degree images.

    So we recently solicited a couple of studio images from Richard George (Richard K. George Photography) who tested our original idea of a DIY multi-row 3d setup with some success:

    Note the protractor at the end of the horizontal arm that holds the camera rig. The arm can spin inside the brackets producing the needed circular camera motion, and the fixed protractor is used to measure the angle increments.

    This could be a good starting point if you want to test the waters with the 3d product photography. And once you get a feel for it and may be get a bigger project to shoot, you may consider professional equipment which often costs many thousands of dollars for similar functionality (ping us for referrals).

    PS: our software has full support for the multi-row spherical and hemispherical photography with some advanced fine-grain control. To test the features, download our software here as well as this set of sample multi-row images (7 rows x 36 images) that were rendered in 3d modeling software and review these related posts:

    First v3.6 Beta Release. Now With Full 3D Product Views
    Download New v3.6 Beta Release (Build
    v3.6.2 Beta Released. Now with Incremental Zoom and More

  • New BigCommerce Integration Shipped

    Announcing the release of our revamped 360 product viewer integration for BigCommerce. This time it's geared specifically for the Stencil platform which is pretty much a new standard in the modern BigCommerce ecosystem (legacy Blueprint themes are still supported - more details).

    Learning from our past experience with the Blueprint themes and given the lack of a reasonable front-end integration option that BigCommerce (c'mon guys!) can offer today to plugin developers, we really tried hard to make it as simple as possible without sacrificing much of the viewer capabilities. And we're happy to report that for the first time ever we now have an integration module for the hosted platform that is comparable to our more mature modules for self-hosted solutions like WordPress & WooCommerce or Magento.

    If you're coming from Blueprint, here's what's new:
    • No changes to your templates or stylesheets are necessary (usually). The integration will do its magic.
    • No more mangling with the custom product fields which sometimes resulted in the odd viewer URLs getting stuck in the product description tabs. Just use the image description field (ALT) to enter the URL of your 360 product view configuration.
    • No need to upload any integration files to your BigCommerce's WebDAV folder as we now host them for you on our servers. You may still upload the actual published 360 product images to your WebDAV but we don't recommend this anymore as BigCommerce's WebDAV folder is not optimized for image hosting (doesn't send cache headers). So you may need a separate hosting account for the images (Amazon S3 with CloudFront is a good option).
    • New lightbox popup mode that allows placing a small clickable graphic anywhere on your product pages which activates a popup 360 product spin on click (comes with our new "Clean" popup theme).
    • Master configuration is now available in BigCommerce so you can use a single viewer configuration for all of your 360 product views (PRO feature).
    • API integration for unique enhancements using our extensive APIs (read more in our user guide under APIs or publish a test view by selecting the JavaScript API template on the Publish form in SpotEditor).
    • Google Analytics integration will give you a snapshot of all major interactions by your site visitors within the viewer (PRO feature).
    • It's fully responsive as now you can control how the 360 product viewer should change its height relative to the responsive viewer width as well as its minimum height to look good on small mobile screens.
    • Supports multi-row 3D product views that can spin both horizontally and vertically.
    • And a lot more that we packed into the core product viewer since the release of the Blueprint integration in 2013 (see version history).
    All our integration modules are free!

    To see an example and our guide to integrating WebRotate 360 Product Viewer with your Stencil themes, visit our new BigCommerce page by clicking this button:

    Learn more

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