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If you don't see an answer to your question in the following list of most frequent user inquires, check out WebRotate 360's community forum or send us a quick email using our support contact form here.

  • 1Can I use it to create 360 product spins and deliver to my clients without uploading to your server?

    Absolutely! Simply publish your product views locally on your desktop and upload to your own FTP or send it your clients (as a zip archive, for example). Built-in FTP upload is available and if you prefer to do it manually via external FTP client such as FileZilla, all you need is the contents of the published folder located under your SpotEditor project. It includes everything that your client's web developer may need. If you or your client use any of our CMS plugins, you just need to upload the 360_assets folder located under your project's published directory. And remember that you can always send a quick draft via email using animated GIF feature before sending them your final results and / or apply image watermarks to protect your work.

  • 2Will this work for my website?

    Our core viewer products rely on standard web technologies that work in all modern browsers. No specialized plugins required so it can be integrated with pretty much any website. To make our users life easier, we develeoped several plugins for popular eCommerce and CMS platforms that you can find here. If you don't see your website platform on the list, please refer to our user guide under Web Integration for manual integration options. Please note that we provide various integration examples via publishing templates that you can select on the Publish form in SpotEditor. Published output is located under the published folder of your SpotEditor project and can be uploaded to your website "as-is" for a quick integration using supplied html file. Just let us know if you need any assistance!

  • 3Your product is very nice but I have problems making it work with my website

    In most cases, it's something simple like making sure your viewer xml path (can be also called config, 360 View Path and similar in our various plugins) is correct and can be accessed over the web. In fact, it's a very common issue when you see just an empty product view with an idling progress bar and it looks like it's stuck and nothing happens. When you see this, try opening the xml file directly in your browser by entering a complete URL of the file in your browser address bar - if the xml file loads fine, webrotate should work as well. If you have some other issue, check out our support forum where a lot of common questions have already been answered and don't hesitate to create a new topic with your specific issue.

  • 4Can I connect your software to my camera or turntable?

    We currently don't integrate with any third-party equipment, whether it's a DSLR camera or a 360 product photography turntable. Our software simply allows importing JPG or PNG images produced with any hardware or 3D CAD software. Third-party hardware integration is something we still plan to implement in our future releases, so let us know if you have specific equipment in mind that you think would benefit from such integration.

  • 5After I install SpotEditor on my Mac OS X and click to open the app, nothing happens

    Reworked and much improved Mac software v3.6.4 is now available. The new installation is a simple 18 MB download and doesn't require separate third-party components that were causing issues in the older releases. PRO version is available upon request and via built-in software update option after Feb 24, 2020.

  • 6Nothing happens when testing published 360 product views locally in Chrome, Firefox or Safari

    This happens due to local security restrictions in modern web browsers and it only applies when a 360 product view is loaded directly from your hard-drive. We have compiled this simple guide on how to resolve this issue in different web browsers. This is not an issue when a 360 or 3D product view is loaded from the Internet or your local web server.

  • 7I purchased your PRO license a few hours ago but still haven't received my license codes

    We try our best to deliver your license within an hour after receiving a payment confirmation. This may take up to 6-8 hours if an order was placed after midnight, Pacific Standard Time. It's also possible that our email with the license code and download links ended up in your email spam folder. Please check there first. Some organizations have very strict spam rules that wouldn't let our email through because it includes links to downloadable software. In this case, we may need an email address outside of your company domain.. In any case, please give us a buzz via our support form if you believe something is not right.

  • 8I'm interested in purchasing Webrotate. Which 3D files are supported?

    Our software works with standalone JPG and PNG images. You can import either a single row (sequence) of 360-degree images or multiple rows to enable spherical or hemispherical rotation. We currently expect our users to either produce the images via 360 product photography or by rendering and exporting images in their 3D software. Advanced Blender addon is available. If you need assistance with 3D modeling and/or rendering using your existing 3D models, we can help.

  • 9Can we use it offline and have the images loaded locally for use on a touchscreen device?

    Yes, the published output doesn't require an internet connection and can be used offline in various applications (example). You can use a standalone web browser such as Google Chrome (note this security issue) or embed it in your mobile app via a web browser control that comes with your mobile development platform.

  • 10I'm still not sure how many photos should I use to get high quality full rotation

    Some of the recommended image requirements for 360 product photography are available in our user guide under Suggested Image Requirements. Please note that cable speeds have improved noticeably in the U.S and keep getting better, so 36 or 40 images per spin for a generic e-commerce application would be optimal as of 2016, and if your primary audience is in the U.S. Going beyond 72 images per 360 product spin can be an overkill (unless you have a multi-row 3d product view) in terms of image production and viewer loading speeds.

  • 11Can I install your PRO or Enterprise software on multiple computers?

    The licensed version of the desktop publishing software (SpotEditor) can be installed on any number of your personal or your company computers. This applies to both Windows and Mac editions of the software. Additional licenses are required to run SpotEditor on multiple computers simultaneously (see EULA). 

  • 12Is it possible to put 360 product pictures on social media (e.g Facebook or Pinterest)?

    Most of the social media networks such as Facebook and Pinterest don't allow third-party scripts (such as ours) in the timeline so the best option right now is to use animated GIFs that our software can also create. The animated GIFs are not interactive though. Here's more details and a Facebook example.

  • 13If I purchase your product, what about upgrades? Is that additional expense?

    Free upgrades are available within 1-year period after license purchase for PRO and 3-year period for Enterprise. After many years of providing unconditional free upgrades, starting November 2021 upgrade fee is 40% of an equivalent license type at the time of upgrade.

  • 14Am I able to use an existing MP4 video of the product being rotated?

    We're still working on a feature to allow importing MP4 videos into the 360 product view creator (SpotEditor). In the meantime you can use these free tools to extract a sequence of JPG images at desired increments from your existing videos and then import them into SpotEditor: 1) For Mac 2) For all platforms

  • 15Who we could get a photography turntable from, motorized would be a plus, but doesn't have to?

    If you are just starting, there are plenty of motorized display stands on eBay that can be used for 360 product photography. They are the same as the ones you see being resold elsewhere for twice the price and marketed as 360 product photography turntables... check eBay or Alibaba first. Here's a quick eBay search to start with. When we launched our studio, we have designed and built this handy DIY turntable for our commercial work that we used on many assignments. Generally, a manual DIY table like this and a cheap lighting kit (example) will work fine for smaller projects or proof of concept.

  • 16What is WebRotate 360 QuickView?

    This is a standalone desktop app for offline viewing of 360 media published by SpotEditor or via our new Blender plugin. Currently, only Windows version is available and we're working on macOS release as well. Visit this link to download QuickView. Once installed, .view file that you will see in the published folder of your SpotEditor v5 project, will be automatically associated with QuickView. Simply double-click the file to launch the viewer.

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