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Local Testing of WebRotate 360 Viewer in Google Chrome and Opera on Your Computer

by WebRotate 360 May 25, 2012 11:42

There have been some new security developments with Google Chrome browser in that their latest releases do not want to load local files using asynchronious requests when testing pages locally on your computer (i.e when they are not loaded from the Internet or local web server). We do rely on such requests in our 3D product viewer to load viewer configuration xml files..

Note that it all works fine if the viewer is loaded online or from your local web server (ie localhost /

Chrome has a special key that Google gives to web developers and testers to avoid this issue in their local testing. This is very simple to apply to your Chrome also. If you are on Windows, just go to your desktop, find Chrome's shortcut icon, make a copy of this shortcut for your webrotate tests and then right-mouse click on it and select Properties to bring up the Shortcut properties window. There's a Target field, so just add the following to the end of the target path right after the closing quote sign (add a whitespace as well): 

Mine for example looks like this: "C:\Users\...\chrome.exe" --allow-file-access-from-files



It's bit more involved on Mac which we haven't tried yet but you can see how it can be done in this post.


[UPDATE: Sept 2014] - Note that when you launch your local previews in Chrome from inside WebRotate 360 SpotEditor (v3.5 and up, Windows version), we pass this key to Chrome automatically so you don't need any extra manual steps described above. Just make sure that Chrome is not running before you hit Publish in SpotEditor (unless it was also launched by SpotEditor).


Same restrictions have been recently introduced in Opera browser as well (again this is only applicable when testing your product spings locally, i.e when loading them from your computer hard-drive directly in your browser). To avoid these restrictions in Opera, follow these steps:

  • Type opera:config in the browser address box.
  • Navigate to User Prefs tab 
  • Check Allow File XMLHttpRequest
  • Click Save below.


[UPDATE: May 2015] - Opera has transitioned to WebKit/Chromium recently, so you can now use exactly the same steps with the shortcut / key as described above for Google Chrome to bypass the local restriction in Opera. We will update SpotEditor asap to automatically pass the --allow-file-access-from-files key to Opera as well if it's selected on Publish with the local browser preview.


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