We're releasing a new feature in v3.6.5 beta later this week with a handy new tool to improve hotspot placement in your 360 product spins. It's really just a magnifying "glass" with a configurable zoom but a couple of extras make it quite more useful.

Update [Aug 22, 2023] Latest v5 now comes with the Auto-path feature that can be a huge help for hotspot creation.

Until now you mostly had to guess where to click on each image when creating a trajectory of your point of interest. True, you could zoom-in but even then, we don't let image zooming beyond the app boundaries while working inside SpotEditor. Also, it was hard to figure out where to click as the mouse cursor and the rest of the trajectory graphics could get in the way, blocking the image pixels you need.

Now with the Magnify tool you have a configurable zoom to give you clear details as well as unobstructed view of the image pixels at all times. But what makes it even more useful is that when you leave the mouse with the Magnify tool still on, you can use the extra unobstructed view to fine-tune the trajectory via the keyboard by adjusting each hotspot placement using a combination of arrow keys and ALT key (Option key on macOS).

Check out this video, explaining the entire process:

In addition to Magnify, you will notice a couple of minor enhancements:

1 New Hide inactive spot option under Path Tools that lets you hide other hotspot placements within the same hotspot trajectory. In other words, if checked, you will only see the hotspot placement on the current image.

2 There are extra options in the hotspot context menu and via keyboard shortcuts to allow propagating current hotspot placement to the next or previous frame. Before you had to propagate to all images first when you needed to have the hotspot to stay at the same position and then delete each placement on those frames where you didn't need it.

3 At last the color and width preferences you make for your hotspot trajectory via revised Path Tools will be saved to your project and restored (per hotspot) next time you open the project.

More exciting hotspot features are coming soon...

PS: if you can't wait for the public release of the new v3.6.5 beta with this feature, request it here.