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Hemispherical 3D render of electronics

  • Produced and rendered in 3D design software

    - Rendered as a set of 7 rows, 50 images each.
    - Resolution of imported images is 556 x 887.

  • SpotEditor project summary

    - Selected 7 rows on the New Project form under Advanced to create the hemispherical 3D view effect.
    - Hotspots in the front use "Content link" accessible via Hotspot styles on the first tab of the Hotspot form.
    - Front hotspots' popup position is "popup on top" and both are shifted to the side of an indicator via content position margins.
    - Hotspots in the back and top use a lightbox mode discussed here under #2.
    - All 4 hotspots use custom indicator image (SVG) and "Simple pulse" animation with the animation duration of 1s and "Stop on activation" checked.
    - Custom CSS was applied on top of the "round" skin for branded look.
    - Checked "Rotate on mouse wheel" and "Mouse wheel when zoomed only" under Control -> More Options.
    - Full-screen is set to full-browser window under Control -> Zoom.
    - Double tap is set to "Open full-screen" under Control -> Zoom.
    - Published using advanced WEBP image compressor (new in SpotEditor v5). Up to 40% reduction in image size for comparable JPG quality.

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