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Precious stones and diamonds

  • Produced by Avagyanlevon
  • Produced using 360 video

    - 4k video was used to extract 120 images (learn more).
    - Resolution of imported images is 3840 x 2160.

  • SpotEditor project summary

    - Checked "Auto-play on drag release" under Control -> More Options (new in SpotEditor v5 beta) that works great for 360 jewelry views.
    - Drag acceleration is set to 1.6.
    - To allow drag rotation when zoomed, "Allow drag rotation when zoomed" is checked and "Allow panning on X-axis" is unchecked.
    - Checked "Rotate on mouse wheel" and "Mouse wheel when zoomed only".
    - "Spin images on page scroll" with scroll follow and smooth is enabled.
    - Automatically hide toolbar is checked.
    - Published using advanced WEBP image compressor (new in SpotEditor v5 beta). Up to 40% reduction in image size for comparable JPG quality.
    - Checked "Zoom-in" on double tap under Control -> Zoom.

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