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Polygonal hotspots for eLearning

  • Produced by WebRotate 360
  • Produced and rendered in 3D design software

    - Rendered as a single image.
    - Resolution of imported image is 1920x1080.

  • SpotEditor project summary

    - Just a single image was imported into the project.
    - There're 5 hotspots using polygonal indicator as discussed here with activation on hover.
    - There're 5 "hidden" hotspots that are triggered using the poly hotspots via Hotspot form -> Control Action to show additional content on click or tap on poly hotspots.
    - Hidden hotspots use a lightbox mode discussed here under #2.
    - Flash animation is assigned to the "sphenoid" hotspot under Hotspot form -> Indicator -> Styles.
    - Skin is "zoom light".
    - Published using advanced WEBP image compressor (new in SpotEditor v5). Up to 40% reduction in image size for comparable JPG quality.

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