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3D visualization of car part

  • Produced by WebRotate 360
  • Produced and rendered in Blender (3D modeling software)

    - Produced using WebRotate 360 Turntable Animator for Blender.
    - Rendered as a single "row" of 72 images (PNG).
    - Resolution of imported images is 2160 x 2160.

  • SpotEditor project summary

    - Drag acceleration is set to 1.8.
    - Uses "Max zoom" feature to present sharper images on retina devices.
    - To allow drag rotation when zoomed, "Allow drag rotation when zoomed" is checked and "Allow panning on X-axis" is unchecked.
    - Hotspots are set to auto-trigger popups via "Always activated" and "when indicator is visible".
    - Hotspots are configured to show a content link with an indicator via "Indicator and other styles".
    - Hotspot content (popup) position is "fixed" to left-center and center-bottom with margins.
    - Hotspot action is set to "Zoom to hotspot" to trigger zoom on click or tap on the popup or the indicator.
    - Hotspot indicators use "Min scale" set at 80% for responsive scaling.
    - Cursor is zoom_cursor and skin is "thin" with toolbar button opacity at 67%.
    - Checked "Zoom on single tap".
    - Checked "Rotate on mouse wheel" and "Mouse wheel when zoomed only".

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