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WebRotate 360 to Completely Replace Product Video with 360 Degree Images

Pasadena, CA. December 15, 2009

WebRotate 360 announces their plan to stop offering product video service by January 2010 due to increased demand in 360 degree product imaging.

As online retailers fight to convert their websites, from corporate 1990's PR brochures into direct-response sales machines, 360 degree product imaging is becoming increasingly popular. Such displays effectively remove a big obstacle to online and catalog sales, which is that we are often reluctant to purchase based on just a flat photograph.

Dimitri Bir of WebRotate 360 LLC based in Pasadena, California, explains, "It's a simple and elegant solution that works tremendously well for appropriate products."

360 degree product images work by taking dozens of individual shots from slightly different angles, then stitching them together with specialist software. Loaded onto a website, they form an interactive display. Customers move products around with their computer mouse, like spinning them on a turntable.

The concept of stitching may not be new on the web; it was used extensively to help fuel the housing boom by showing complete house interiors as "panoramas". With the newer method the product becomes the center of the viewer's universe, with the camera orbiting the product.

Unlike watching video of a spinning object, the visitor can rotate the product in either direction, zoom in and out and click parts of the image for more information. Typical file sizes are much smaller than video, while the image is clearer.

Production costs for professionally made videos can run into thousands of dollars, yet despite some famous success stories such as Blendtec's "Will it blend?" series, most are quickly forgotten. 360 degree views may be the ideal solution for shops and catalogs with products that can't pulverize an iPhone or turn bottles of pop into rockets, yet do have visual appeal.

Bir says not all merchandise is suited to rotational imaging, "Very cheap items or round products such as coffee mugs are not effective. The technique works best for intricate and detailed objects, such as electronics, designer bags or shoes, even wristwatches, where only the owner will see the engraved back casing" he said.

Visitors don't need anything except the Flash software which most people already have. "It's the same software that allows you to see videos on Youtube for example" Dimitri said.

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ABOUT WebRotate 360 LLC

WebRotate 360 are specialists in digital product imaging for Internet retailers, E-Commerce providers, and marketing agencies. WebRotate 360 has customers in industries ranging from electronics, apparel and accessories to sporting goods and outdoor equipment. Founded by seasonal experts in web development, graphic design and software development, they are located in Pasadena, California.

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