Phil and Dyne here from Toledo, Ohio. 360 image spins of live models have proven difficult to produce using the standard turntable approach because it is difficult for even a professional model to remain motionless during the entire photo capture process.

To address this issue, we have developed a multi-camera prototype studio which can quickly produce high quality 360 spins of live models (and any other item) in a matter of minutes. Our patented process uses multiple Canon cameras, electronic logic interface circuits, LED dimmable lighting, and pan/tilt fixtures for accurate image alignment – all interfaced with our software.

Here is a typical 360 spin produced in our 16 camera "booth". You can see many more images at and also use the "contact us" form for additional inquiries.

Studio construction

The studio is constructed with conventional 2x8x10 framing and drywall which allows for the subsequent addition of an outer wall with decorative logo or print media. Although a multi-camera version is required for shooting live models, we have found that using a conventional single camera and 360 product photography turntable in the structure offers a variety of benefits especially as relates to image background "washing" and object set up time. In most instances, any item can be placed or hung in the booth or set on a turntable, and the 360 product view generated with little or no post-processing required. This is because the lighting is directed evenly to the walls only and the subject is illuminated from all directions.

Here is a video of the entire image capture and display process in real time:


We use 16 dimmable LED flood lights and 16 dimmable high frequency fluorescent flood lights - all strategically directed to the walls and NEVER directly toward the subject. Lighting directed toward the subject can cause shadowing on the background of the image which necessitates subsequent image photo processing - not much fun when there are multiple photos to address. We get the R, G and B value differentials to be less than 4 or 5 max across the entire background, which make programmatic or manual cleanup quick and easy.

Our multiple camera system software also does a background "wash" to any preset color. The magic of the studio lies with the 360 degree lighting that is made possible only with a 360 studio. When shooting live models, it was not unusual to get some shadowing around the feet, and this problem was totally eliminated by the addition of an LED back lit plastic floor insert. For this, the best results were obtained by using clear Lexan with severely abraded surfaces.

If you are using a single camera and turntable, the floor insert may not be required, but a lit or painted stand will prove beneficial. The system also works great by hanging an object from a center hook in the ceiling.

Cameras and power tilt modules

We use 16 Canon EOS cameras mounted on programmable power pan/tilt bases. Camera functions and alignments are adjusted and controlled individually or globally by the software. Below is a photo of a camera mounted on the power pan/tilt mechanism and also one of the interface circuit boards.


Software for the 16-camera version has been in development over several years and it is very versatile. The software automatically does the following and more: camera alignment, light balancing, background "washing", live view capability, vertical and horizontal alignment, manual or auto focusing, cropping, resizing, color balancing and camera hole elimination.

A folder of the completed images is generated which can then be dropped into WebRotate 360's SpotEditor and subsequently to PixRiot for publication. Once the cameras have been initialized and some other parameters set (total of about 15 minutes), we can usually produce hundreds of live models rotations without any additional adjustments required.

Here is a typical screenshot of one of the many windows in the software:

Obviously the 16-camera system is not for everyone, but if you wish to capture 360 fashion photography of live models or have a high volume of other rotational image requirements, the system is ideal. Internet-ready 360 product spins can be produced in a couple of minutes and the system can also generate images of stationary objects in multiples of 16 by rotating the object and then just one more "snap" of 16 to yield 32 or 64 images if desired.

There is also a little trick with the studio that allows one to generate 3D anaglyph 360 images quite quickly. Although these types of images are a bit gimmicky and require red/cyan 3D glasses, they have proven to be popular in the education arena and fun to watch. You can see a couple of 360 anaglyph examples at

The multi-camera process and WebRotate 360's software in combination with PixRiot hosting has enabled us to produce, view and publish interactive 360 image spins of models and stationary objects in a few minutes each.

We welcome anyone who wishes to see our studio in action to come to Toledo, Ohio and get a demonstration as well as a 2 hour photo shoot and their image links for no charge!

Call 419-260-2692 fore more details (9am to 4pm EST).