We're happy to announce that our new affiliate program is now live!

The premise is simple. Help us spread the word about our products and get a 25% share from each license sale your leads generate. With our current pricing, this is $150 from every Enterprise license and $100 from every PRO that you help us sell. If you are a photo studio that shoots 360 product photography or a 3D product modeling company with a good number of projects, this can move the needle.

PS: we have delayed the launch of the program for years since our old software for macOS admittedly was subpar and the market was not ripe enough for what we do here at WebRotate 360. Today we enjoy working with the new SpotEditor on macOS and it seems the market "overnight" started really craving all things e-commerce, e-learning & virtual, and 360 product views are on the menu.

Who is Eligible

If you have purchased our products in the past, the affiliate program is free to join and there is no minimum sales level or other requirements. This is one way to thank our clients who at the end know our products best and understand who else can benefit from using them. We also welcome serious software resellers who would be interested in joining.

How to Start

Request your affiliate account on this page. You will be provided with an affiliate link and access to your personalized tracking dashboard. Simply post your affiliate link to a blog, article, social media, forum or email. Then track your referral clicks, sales and your commissions.

Accurate Tracking and Reporting

We track website visitors and purchases that come through your affiliate links within 90 days from the first visit of your referrals and attribute them to your affiliate account. You will receive an email for each sale your referrals make and will get access to detailed reports via a personalized dashboard.

Become an Affiliate