Today we're excited to share some imagery and workflow notes from This Latvian company specializes in the production of interactive 360 degree views of vehicle exterior and interior which is gaining a lot of popularity recently. We accidentally stumbled upon some of their excellent work online about a year ago (check it out!). The presentation on the black background was quite impressive so we solicited some commentary from the friendly team at Studio360 for the readers of this blog. The result is this quick documentary by Studio360 on the production of a 360 view of a single car:

At we provide high-quality 360 car photography services in our specialized studio to give the car dealers a unique selling tool which is our interactive 360 degree views and videos of both vehicle exterior and interior. Each shoot is customized for our client needs and can be produced on any background or using a promo banner.

Update [April, 2023] The team has recently upgraded their infinity cove for white background 360-degree automotive photography. See some of the recent photos from their studio at the bottom of the post.

Here's how our usual car project is executed:

It starts with a car arriving to our studio for unloading and cleaning.

In a short moment the car is ready on stage via our specialized 360 degree spinning platform designed to rotate vehicles in either direction.

With our unique black background setup, we may turn the headlights on for better effect. BTW: we like shooting Sony cameras using the fastest memory cards we can get and this particular project was done using Sony A7R and 24-70 2.8 ZEISS.

Our exterior 360 car views are comprised of 85 images each and with the setup you see it's all done in 3 minutes tops.

We then move on to the interior views. The car is covered with white drape material so that we can get a good defused light inside the car with clean evenly lit windows . You can see the end result of the interior work in this example:

And here's a video of the same shoot so you can see the entire process in action:

In addition to the interactive views, we have pro equipment for shooting car interior videos for a variety of our client needs (from simple YouTube videos to TV commercials). You can find more examples of our work on our website at

PS: a couple of images from our upgraded studio circa 2023 whith the new white cove: