Here's a quick guide on how to integrate your 360 product spins in Wix. The process is pretty straightforward but note that Wix doesn't allow uploading folders with 360 product images to their hosting so a separate web hosting account is required. For example, you may use an existing website hosting you may already have outside of Wix, setup an extra hosting account, or consider our optimized PixRiot service. We would be happy to upload your tests to our servers free of charge if you need to run any tests (just let us know).

So let's review a few simple steps using this example spin URL we host on our servers:

1) Enter Edit mode in your Wix dashboard and select a page where you plan to add a product spin. Click Add button (a circle with a plus sign) in the menu on the left to expand available widgets and then press More in the menu to bring the advanced options.

2) Select Embed a Site (under the Embeds section) and then resize and align the widget box on your page according to your site layout.

3) In the widget settings, select Enter Website Address and enter this example URL:

4) Confirm your URL selection and you should now see this example 360 product view loaded inside the widget box:

To create your own 360 product views, use WebRotate 360 SpotEditor to import your existing images (360 product photography or rendered in a 3d design software) and publish a finalized interactive viewer package on your computer.

Make sure to select the "Mobile full page" template on the Publish form in SpotEditor so that your template is fully responsive and can contract and expand with your Wix widget on any device.

Once published, upload the contents of the 'published' folder that the software creates in your project directory to a web hosting of your choice (you may simply share it with us and we will host it for you free of charge for all your testing needs - contact us). Note the URL of the .html file in the uploaded folder and use this URL inside the HTML Code widget under Website Address as we show in Step 3 above.