Apr 30, 2020: see this recent post that has more details and an example of how one photographer captured a few two-row 360 product veiws using a smart trick: Two-row 360 Product Photography With Eric Gordon of The Product Photography Studio.

We recently devised a new 3D product rotation mode (in response to a user request on our forum). Here's a raw example:


The new rotation mode is awesome and it's surprising we have been missing this for so long. With this mode you can photograph or render just one vertical movement around an object vs multiple rows of many images. And you can go as smooth as needed in that you can have as many vertical increments as your heart desires without sacrificing production times or 3d viewer performance.

So where's the trick?

"The spin always falls back to the single horizontal row whenever you drag the images horizontally, which in fact doesn't look bad considering the benefits."

With this mode you can:

  • Drastically reduce the number of images in a 3d product spin as there are no more rows with unique images on each index (except for the main horizontal "fall-back" row).
  • Spend so much less time producing the images.
  • Implement a very smooth vertical rotation as you can now have as many "rows" as needed without noticeable loss of performance as it would be the case with our classic rows.

And last but not least, the hotspot positioning in "3D" is a breeze as now you can simply go through a small set of vertical images to create the 3d hotspot effect.

We already saw how this worked out for a 2-row set of 360 product images of a shoe by one of our clients and it worked and looked very good. We look forward to seeing more examples from you! Please share if you would like it to appear on our new examples page.

PS: this feature is available upon request and we will release it in the next v3.6.2 release in about 2-3 weeks along with the incremental zoom and a few more goodies.