v3.6 Release Candidate is now available for download! It includes a long list of improvements, new features and fixes that you can review here. These changes and updates were mostly driven by the work we have done on our new website in the last 6 months.

It could have been the final v3.6 release, but we still have to update the user guide and the info tooltips inside SpotEditor and it takes somes time.. Otherwise, it's a solid release that we recommend to all our users.

There're two major additions that most users will notice:

1. Vector SVG images are now used across all of viewer resources (no more raster graphics!). This ensures that your viewer skins and hotspots look sharp on any device. We also completely restyled two existing skins (thin and round) to look modern and usable with a greater variety of website designs out there. Also, all of the skins finally have the row navigation buttons for your multi-row 3D product views.

2. There's a new "shortcode" integration mode and publishing template which removes the viewer script snippets from your pages completely. This can drammatically simplify your website integration with various CMS platforms, especially when there're multiple 360 product views on the same page. Documentation is still in the works but you can simply select Shortcode template on the Publish form in SpotEditor and see it in action.

If you are a developer, this release adds a good number of API improvements, giving you more options for major viewer customizations. All new APIs are listed in the JavaScript template that you can select on publish in SpotEditor (and then explore the source html for additional bits and pieces as needed). Not to mentioned the long awaited support for jQuery 3.0!


Previously released features and fixes in v3.6:

PRO & Enterprise customers can request the commercial version of v3.6 RC via support. If you received v3.6 beta download URL from us before, it still works! And if you already have a previous build of v3.6 beta installed, you can simply download the new update via Check Updates on the About form in SpotEditor.

If you need any help applying this update to any of WebRotate 360's plugins (i.e, WordPress, Joomla, PrestaShop, Magento, OpenCart, BigCommerce), just let us know and we would be happy to assist.