This cool Kickstarter campaign is a great example of how animated GIF can be an excellent tool for showcasing your products online. Click on this image below to see several animated GIFs of new Peak Design’s backpacks and bags.

As you can see, this simple presentation allows website visitors to get a quick idea of how this innovative backpack functions and better understand its design details.

There’re many uses for animated GIFs in e-commerce as you can also share them on your Facebook timeline or Twitter or even embed in your email campaigns. It’s been getting widely popular lately, and this is the reason we have an animated GIF exporter in our desktop publishing software (SpotEditor). It gives you all the tools needed to create high quality animated GIFs with additional features such as watermarking, batch crop & resize, image filters, levels, etc. It’s available in the free version of our software that you can download here.

And by the way, you still have a chance to reserve one of these cool bags with a Kickstarter discount (it’s open until September 9th, 2016)!