New build (606) is now available! With this new update, we finally release the first version of our API (JavaScript programming interface).

This API allows overriding most of our built-in 360 viewer functions so you can now control your 360 product spins using your own page elements via your own script. Just hide our default toolbar controls and reimagine your own design and interface they way you like.

And it's very simple to use - just publish your 360 spin using our new publishing template called JavaScript API and play with the simple calls that we have already hooked up for you:

  • zoomToggle
  • hotspotToggle
  • startLeftArrowRotate
  • startRightArrowRotate
  • stopArrowRotate
  • playbackStart
  • playbackStop
  • playbackToggle
  • openFullScreen
  • getCurrentImageIndex
  • showImageByIndex
  • showImageByDelta
  • showFirstImage
  • showLastImage
  • jumpToLabel
  • playToLabel

Also in this build:

  • Fixed viewer touch control on hybrid Windows 8.x touchscreen devices that allow control via mouse and "touch".
  • Fixed intermittent issue with FTP uploads where on occasion it would stop uploading if large image files were used.

UPDATE - August 7th, 2014: build 764. More new features and fixes:

PS: project and configuration files are backwards compatible so your older 3.5 projects should open and work fine. Also, you don't need to reinstall X11 or Mono if using Mac - just copy SpotEditor app to your Applications or Desktop.