Check out our latest blog post on PhotoGear 360 where we talk about 360 spin photography of flashlights using the Ortery equipment combo, consisting of the PhotoCapture 360 photography turntable and PhotoSimile 50 Lighbox.

We shared a pretty interesting write up there that you can find helpful when photographing small uniform products similar to flashlights using the Ortery hardware. Here's a short extract from this post:

"What we also had to figure out was how to best present the flashlights as just dropping them on the 360 turntable was not expected to produce good results – we wanted to achieve a straight horizontal orientation of each object as if it was floating in the air while rotating in 360 degrees. Our solution was this small DIY mini platform with two tiny stands made out of metallic paperclips that we then plugged into the piece of cardboard foam...".

Click on this image to read the full post that also shows a completed 360 video of one of the finalized flashlights (there was about a hundred of those!).

Sample 360 product photography setup using flashlights