Today we're announcing a long awaited release of our updated Magento Integration v3.5 on Magento Connect. There are several major enhancements in this release:

  • Integration has been updated to the latest stable 360 viewer script that packs a slew of improvements and latest fixes (more is coming in the next script update shortly).
  • prettyPhoto lightbox support has also been updated to one of the latest releases (you can now also choose one of several nice skins that it comes with).
  • We introduced a new Ad-hoc integration mode (in addition to the standard one). It allows you to keep any other customizations or third-party modules that you might previously had installed on your product pages in the same location where we activate our standard integration. Previously this was a major concern as there have been many conflicts with the existing 3d party modules that could be only resolved by uninstalling one of the components. Now with the addition of the new Ad-hoc integration you can hook the 360 degree photos pretty much anywhere on your product pages. It can be used as an embedded 360 view or as a small image thumbnail (or a text link) that will activate the viewer inside the same prettyPhoto lightbox popup.
  • We also added our Root Path / Master config support that allows you to have a single 360 viewer configuration file for all of your products in Magento (assuming they have the same number of 360 images, etc) and also support for loading your 360 degree product photos from an external server or CDN.
  • Other minor extras and fixes.

Here's some of the screenshots from this release:

PS: this new module has already been successfully installed by a few folks and they reported that everything went smoothly via Magento CE 1.6 and 1.7.