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First Preview of Beta 3.5

by WebRotate 360 January 09, 2013 12:29

This is just a quick preview of several major features and fixes coming in the new WebRotate 360 Product Viewer 3.5 release (use the link below to open the demo in your browser):

  • Full-screen option in JavaScript mode. As you probably know, we're discontinuing Flash support going forward with the 3.5 release and the only feature we were lacking in pure JS mode was the full-screen capability. Well, thanks to the recent enhancements in major browsers this became possible to implement in Firefox, Chrome, Safari and also to some extent in IE and Opera (the last two will show a full-browser view vs full-screen that we usually expect from Adobe Flash). This demo below uses a separate high-res image set for the full-screen viewing (the same images used for the deep zoom), but you can also use your main set of images for the full-screen which will remove the initial loading while in the full-screen mode and you can even pass a different configuration as a viewer parameter so that your full-screen can use completely different images and viewer settings (this is not shown in this preview).
  • Multiple viewers on the same page. Many of you have asked about it and now it's done!
  • jQuery plugin support. It's now possible to use our 360 viewer as a generic jQuery plugin. Sweet...
  • Inertia or gradual slowdown of a 360 degree spin. There's also a couple of settings in SpotEditor that will allow you to adjust how fast and responsive the inertia should be.
  • This release addresses the issue with Firefox white image flashing during rotation which was caused by this Firefox bug and was most prominent in the latest FF 17 releases. Our workaround for Firefox browsers fixes the flashing. Hopefully when the Firefox bug is fixed by Mozilla team, we could disable this workaround for good.
  • The hot-spot issue on Android stock browser and Android Chrome where hot-spots wouldn't stay up under certain conditions is also fixed in this preview.


PS: there're few other major enhancements in 3.5 that we are not ready to preview yet (extensive API support is one of them for example).

[March 07, 2014 - You can now download full Beta release for Windows and Mac OS X on our main download page under DOWNLOAD LATEST BETA 3.5]

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