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Multi-row 3D car model

  • Produced and rendered in 3D modeling software

    - Rendered as 8 vertical "rows", 36 images each (JPG)
    - Resolution of imported images is 1920 x 1357

  • SpotEditor project summary

    - Skin is "round" with zoom_cursor and toolbar button opacity at 31%
    - Viewer background is set to black
    - Playback button is hidden
    - Toolbar is configured to show in full-screen via "Show toolbar in full-screen"
    - Doesn't load the entire 3d product view on page load via "Pause loading after the first image" with "hint" label on
    - Single tap or click triggers zoom via "Zoom on single tap"
    - High-res (zoom) image set is heavily cropped on top and bottom to maintain a large landscape view of the 3d product model

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