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360 car photography

  • Produced using 360 product photography

    - Photographed as a single "row" of 24 images (JPG).
    - Resolution of imported images is 2000 x 1024 (auto-resized on import).

  • SpotEditor project summary

    - Skin is "empty".
    - Project is published using the "Full-screen only" template.
    - High-res (zoom) image set is downsized further to 61% and white space is cropped out around the images.
    - Double tab is set to "Open full-screen".

    - All hotspots are "Rotating indicator with hover-over popup on top" positioned either at right-center or left-center with a 50px margin.
    - Hotspots' content is custom html and "Use custom styles" is checked under the Text Content tab of the Hotspot form.

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