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360 Product Views Now Available With Free Hosting from WebRotate 360

Pasadena, CA. February 23, 2010

Product imaging specialists WebRotate 360 are now offering free hosting and maintenance for their client's rich media.

Tempting online visitors with 360 product views is now an affordable option for internet retailers, marketing agencies and manufacturers. Product imaging specialists WebRotate 360 are offering free hosting and maintenance for any clients receiving less than 10,000 product views per month.

360 degree product views allow website visitors to view products by turning them around in a complete circle with their computer mouse. This is achieved by taking multiple photographs or using images rendered in 3D modeling tools and then blending them together with special software based on Adobe Flash technology. Additional interactivity is made possible by placing animated hot-spots, annotations, callouts and zooming capability.

Dimitri Bir of WebRotate 360 said the free hosting option is to encourage smaller companies to take up the new technology.

“Our aim is to provide the best value in the industry and I believe this deal succeeds at that. It opens the doors to more online businesses, as client’s images will be hosted on a powerful network, load fast, and require no maintenance overhead,” he said.

While larger companies have their own “dedicated” servers, smaller companies rely on shared hosting which may not have sufficient bandwidth to deliver additional media smoothly. Hosting companies also charge an extra fee for additional disk space and bandwidth required to support “heavier” rich media such as 360 product views.

“By using scalable secure servers and dedicated personal to maintain and monitor product repositories we can guarantee that client's rich media will be running as intended, thus encouraging both views and sales,” Bir said.

The company is also helping webmasters to integrate 360 product images on their website pages at no extra charge.

“We’ve come to realize that the technical integration of 360 views is perceived as a barrier. It’s actually quite straightforward but with our new hosting service it’s even easier. Now it’s just a matter of pasting some code onto the web page and we’re helping clients with that as well.”

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ABOUT WebRotate 360 LLC:

WebRotate 360 are specialists in product imaging, product modeling and custom software development for Internet retailers, E-commerce providers, manufacturers, and marketing agencies. WebRotate 360 has customers in industries ranging from electronics, apparel and accessories to sporting goods and outdoor equipment. Founded by experts in web development, graphic design and software development, they are located in Pasadena, California.

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