E-commerce is embracing rich media with unprecedented pace. Did you hear about Zappos' new idea to use augmented reality in product videos or 2009's E-commerce Innovation winner GlassesDirect with their 3D video mirror? Though cool, these technologies are still in their infancy and may not work well for everybody or even for Zappos or GlassesDirect. 360 product views that we create at WebRotate 360 have proven to quickly bring value to our customers. Read more »

Today is the best time to follow this growing trend and get 360'd with us. Here's why...

Free Hosting of Your Rich Media

While larger companies have their own "dedicated" servers, smaller folks rely on shared hosting which may not have sufficient bandwidth to deliver additional media smoothly. Hosting companies also charge an extra fee for additional disk space and bandwidth required to support "heavier" rich media such as 360 product views.

To address this issue we are now offering free hosting and maintenance of rich media for any clients receiving less than 10,000 product views per month.

Free Website Integration

We've come to realize that the technical integration of 360 views is perceived as a barrier. It's actually quite straightforward but with our new hosting service it's even easier. Now it's just a matter of pasting some code onto the web page and we're helping clients with that as well.

Free Hot-spot with Any Order

Have you seen our latest 360 viewers with animated hot-spots? If not, check out our updated online 360 viewer tour samples or click the links below to see some cool pre-production samples we're developing for our clients:  

June 8th, 12 - examples have been removed as part of our new website deployment. You can find our latest samples here

Today we offer a free hot-spot of your choice that we will place on each of your product views free of charge!

Free Service Test

Do you have 20 or more products that you wanted to convert into interactive 360 degree product views for your store but were hesitate to proceed for particular reason? If so, we have great news. Send us just one of your products to test-drive our service. If you don't like it, you keep the money.

Free 360 Viewer Template Customization

This has been a paid add-on for a while now. For a limited time only we offer free 360 Viewer customization to match your website styles (colors, fonts, gradients, etc).

Free High Resolution Images

At the end, all of our 360 product views are made of a series of product images. We capture these images with very high resolution and then edit them in their original size so we can produce best results possible. We thought you might like it if we share these images with you for free.

Free Return Shipping

No more need to provide us with return FedEx or UPS slips - we'll ship your products back to you free (some limitations apply).

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