We have been shooting 360 product photography professionally for a few years since 2009. It was a lot of fun but we had to stop accepting new orders once our in-house software for 360 product photography was polished up and demanded all our attention.

Today WebRotate 360 Product Viewer is a recognized name across continents and industries. There's also a stronger demand for interactive digital experiences in e-commerce, e-learning, marketing and related media. And we expect this to accelerate in 2019 now that Amazon is jumping on the bandwagon!

As we evaluate challenges our customers faced in recent years creating animated 360 degree content, one thing is certain: it's still profoundly difficult to produce quality 360 product photography.

We're talking the quality of photography that actually works and gives a consistent ROI. The usual answer is to hire a professional studio. And it works! But there're not many out there who know how to shoot quality 360 product photography and the challenges don't stop there...

1) If you are in e-commerce, your inventory is often pretty dynamic. You may have catalogs that update every X months and the logistics of re-shooting 360 product images for your catalogs is tough. Each color variation, each product option - it all has to be counted in. Photographic image consistency is also an important consideration.

2) If you are a product designer, re-doing 360 product photography as you apply tweaks to successfully market you product before it can be launched may not be a viable option. 

3) If you are a marketing agency or an e-learning provider, you may have requirements that are simply not realistic when it comes to 360 product photography. Consider animating various parts in an exploded product view or an intricate camera fly-by that you can't achieve without a Hollywood-grade camera rig.

Most of these challenges can be answered with photorealistic 3D models. Time constraints, logistics, consistency, impossible angles, image quality and more - it's doable with 3D CAD and advanced 3D product rendering.

We have put a lot of work to establish an efficient process that works hand in hand with our core product, WebRotate 360 Product Viewer. So today we are happy to offer you our 3D product modeling and rendering services.

Send us a couple of photos of your product or existing CAD designs you might already have for your manufacturing, and we will take it from there! The end result is the same high-quality WebRotate 360 product view that thousands rely on.

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