If you have been reading this blog or followed us on Facebook, you know that Amazon recently started showing 360 product photography in a few selected product listings (example). There's pretty much no information on the web about this new feature, so we quickly concluded that Amazon picked a few large retailers to test waters with the new technology.

This appears to be the case!

To learn more about the recent development with 360 product images on Amazon or even if you are just interested in related topics, listen to this awesome episode by Bobsled Marketing and Jeff Hunt at Snap 36. Don't have a spare 40 minutes for the podcast? There's a list of key takeaways on this page.

Our takeaway is simply this... even though Snap 36 is currently a prime beneficiary of the developing trend, covering selected few listings on Amazon, we feel that in a short while this technology will be available to everybody.

So whether your are a commercial photographer or an eCommerce vendor, there will be an opportunity (and a challenge!) for everybody.