Announcing the release of our revamped 360 product viewer integration for BigCommerce. This time it's geared specifically for the Stencil platform which is pretty much a new standard in the modern BigCommerce ecosystem (legacy Blueprint themes are still supported - more details).

Learning from our past experience with the Blueprint themes and given the lack of a reasonable front-end integration option that BigCommerce (c'mon guys!) can offer today to plugin developers, we really tried hard to make it as simple as possible without sacrificing much of the viewer capabilities. And we're happy to report that for the first time ever we now have an integration module for the hosted platform that is comparable to our more mature modules for self-hosted solutions like WordPress & WooCommerce or Magento.

If you're coming from Blueprint, here's what's new:
  • No changes to your templates or stylesheets are necessary (usually). The integration will do its magic.
  • No more mangling with the custom product fields which sometimes resulted in the odd viewer URLs getting stuck in the product description tabs. Just use the image description field (ALT) to enter the URL of your 360 product view configuration.
  • No need to upload any integration files to your BigCommerce's WebDAV folder as we now host them for you on our servers. You may still upload the actual published 360 product images to your WebDAV but we don't recommend this anymore as BigCommerce's WebDAV folder is not optimized for image hosting (doesn't send cache headers). So you may need a separate hosting account for the images (Amazon S3 with CloudFront is a good option).
  • New lightbox popup mode that allows placing a small clickable graphic anywhere on your product pages which activates a popup 360 product spin on click (comes with our new "Clean" popup theme).
  • Master configuration is now available in BigCommerce so you can use a single viewer configuration for all of your 360 product views (PRO feature).
  • API integration for unique enhancements using our extensive APIs (read more in our user guide under APIs or publish a test view by selecting the JavaScript API template on the Publish form in SpotEditor).
  • Google Analytics integration will give you a snapshot of all major interactions by your site visitors within the viewer (PRO feature).
  • It's fully responsive as now you can control how the 360 product viewer should change its height relative to the responsive viewer width as well as its minimum height to look good on small mobile screens.
  • Supports multi-row 3D product views that can spin both horizontally and vertically.
  • And a lot more that we packed into the core product viewer since the release of the Blueprint integration in 2013 (see version history).
All our integration modules are free!

To see an example and our guide to integrating WebRotate 360 Product Viewer with your Stencil themes, visit our new BigCommerce page by clicking this button:

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