Here's an interesting demo we did a few days ago of one of the cool features in v3.6 that allows combining multi-row 3d product views with image labels. These labels can be assigned to hotspot actions to produce pretty impressive product tours that can guide users from one product feature to another. Possibilities are endless, considering that you can have these hotspots and / or label actions in any form or fashion (lightboxes, custom popups, you own page content, apps, etc).

All of this is already available in the latest v3.6 beta that you can download here (it's stable and has been used in production by many companies for the last 6 months).

Final v3.6 release is right around the corner (and our new website undergoes the final preparations for going live!).

PS: the excellent 3D product photography was produced for JVC by our friends at Flipside Studios in Berkeley, CA.