We just recently discovered this interesting video by ProCap studio in UK and what is particularly exciting is the ghost mannequin they show there. It’s attached to a sturdy rotating platform with 360 degree marks and a bubble level, so it seems to be designed specifically for 360 product photography. It’s the first time we see a mannequin like this in the wild and it makes perfect sense, so check it out!

[Update Jan 2020: video is no longer available on YouTube]

Otherwise, it’s a pretty much our usual 360 product photography workflow when dealing with a manual turntable. Although if you are lucky to have two people working on a photography set, you can really forgo a remote shutter release they recommend in the video as you would be better off having one person sitting next to a computer tethered to your camera while the other dude (a “human motor” as we call it here) turns the table manually as shots get reviewed and approved.

And of course we hope to see this cool mannequin table automated sometime soon!