At last, we are pleased to announce a 2-day sale on WebRotate 360 Product Viewer PRO v3.5 this Thursday and Friday only (18-19th of December). We will offer a 30% discount ($90 off) on our most advanced 360 product viewer and dedicated publishing software to date. We're doing this to promote our major product release (2 years in the making!) and it's the first and the last sale in 2014.

You can find more details about various new features that were introduced in WebRotate 360 Product Viewer v3.5 via our release summary here. In short though, we can finally say that v3.5 now represents a one-stop solution for all 360 product viewing needs.

What's more? There're no hidden fees or monthly commitment - it's a standlone "off-the-shelf" product and you decide how you or your clients will be using it. It's backed by our outstanding PRO support and 1 year of free upgrades. And we have a lot of plans for v4.0 in 2015!

Still not convinced? Just download and try our free version and check out our free CMS and eCommerce plugins here and let us know what you think.

So if you are shopping for a state-of-the-art eCommerce add-on this holiday season or just looking to add 360 product views to the list of your services in 2015, just mark the date and stay tuned! The coupon code will be published on Wednesday night PST on our Facebook, Twitter, G+, and here on our blog.

The coupon code is SAVE2014 

Just enter this code at checkout HERE