Joomla came a long way since the Mambo days and we are proud to say that we have followed its evolution each step of the way. Without a doubt it became one of the most popular CMS platforms and the 3.x release catapulted Joomla even further.

This is why we didn't think twice and ported our battle-hardened feature-rich shortcode engine to Joomla to support the most flexibility our integration modules had to offer. So without further adieu, please welcome WebRotate 360 Product Viewer for Joomla!


Download from Joomla! Extensions Directory

To start with the plugin, please visit our Joomla extension page on Joomla! Extensions Directory and click any of the Download buttons to download the plugin to your computer first. Then login to your Joomla Admin panel, select Extensions Manager in the top menu, click the Browse button on the Install tab and pick your downloaded zip to start the plugin installation.

The last step is to enable the plugin in Plugin Manager and specify any defaults for your 360 product views on the plugin settings page that should look like this:

Just hover with your mouse over the text lables next to each field on the settings page as shown above to see what each of them stands for.

The rest of the integration is done via simple shortcodes that are summarized in detail on our Joomla demo page. In short, you can use two of the available shortcodes to either embed your 360 product spins directly inside any of your Joomla content or launch your webrotate 360 spins inside the lightbox popup which also supports gallery mode.

All available shortcodes are also supported inside K2 content extensions and even VirtueMart product desriptions! More shortcode types will be available soon.

Please also note that there is one sample 360 product view located under the webrotate360 plugin folder under 360_assets. To try this sample in your test shortcodes, use the following config path as per the shortcode examples on the demo page: