We didn't plan to write a new post until we could offer you to download our new SpotEditor 3.5 but things have changed yesterday when we found out that the latest Firefox release (version 27) that came out yesterday, Feb 4th, 2014 broke 360 image rotation in all of our products that run the 3.5 beta script. With this Firefox update, the image rotation would lock up after you drag 360 images just for a few moments.

The 3.5 beta script is packaged with all our recent plugins including Magento, OpenCart, BigCommerce, WordPress as well as our Sharing script. If you are using our Prestashop add-in it's unlikely that you have 3.5 beta as we didn't have a chance to update it to 3.5 beta (though we did help some of you to install 3.5 beta script in Prestashop).

The place where Firefox 27 broke 360 image rotation was identified and it had to do with our special Firefox targeted functionality that eliminates image flicker during rotation when using larger images. It's a tricky piece of code that relies heavily on image events and it seems that Firefox 27 introduced a regression in that department.

We spent some time yesterday and cooked up a good solution that still keeps our flicker prevention module working as designed while addressing the issue with Firefox 27. All our downloads, plugins, etc that utilize 3.5 beta have been successfully updated yesterday and today and were re-tested everywhere.

If you have previously installed either of these, please download our 3.5 patch below and replace imagerotator.js included in the zip in your webserver installation under the imagerotator folder wherever it happens to be on your server (if you're not sure where it is, please let us know):

  • 3.5 beta limited update
  • Magento integration 3.5.x
  • WordPress integration 2.0
  • Any WebRotate 360 OpenCart integration
  • Any WebRotate 360 BigCommerce integration

Or to make it simple, if you see inertia effect when dragging / releasing 360 images where rotation gradually slows down on release, or if you have a working full-screen feature, it's 3.5 beta. For the techy types, you can fire up your browser console (e.g firebug, etc) and see the 360 viewer version on page re-load inside the console.

Download patch »

If you are using our PRO script with Full-screen support, please contact us directly to get updated PRO-enabled 3.5 script.