We have uploaded a new build for both Windows and Mac. If you are using the PRO version, please re-download and reinstall using the PRO download links you received from us previously.

What's new in this build:
  • [+] Added new publishing template for mobile-friendly full browser page 360-degree viewing.
  • [+] Added new publishing template for presenting multiple 360 product views on the same page.
  • [+] Added vertical swipe support on touch devices to allow vertical swipe gestures for improved page scrolling.
  • [+] Added two new hot-spot settings: (1) Hide hot-spots on viewer load (2) Hide hot-spots on zoom.
  • [+] Improved image panning when zoomed in inside the viewer. Now follows precise image dimensions.
  • [+] Fixed background color in full-screen. Now full-screen has the same background color as configured.
  • [!] Fixed touch handling on Windows Phone 8.
  • [!] Fixed local Internet Explorer handling. Now can publish and preview in IE locally on your desktop.
  • [!] Fixed PNG publishing in SpotEditor (Mac). It was broken with the latest Mac OS X 10.9.x release.
  • [!] Fixed SpotEditor (Win) that didn't work correctly with decimal numbers in hot-spot positions, etc on international versions of the OS (those with "," as a decimal point).

UPDATE - August 7th, 2014: build 764. More new features and fixes:

If you have the previous 3.5 beta of our desktop software (SpotEditor) installed, please uninstall it first or simply move the app to Trash on Mac. Then use this link below to install the new update.

Project and configuration files are backwards compatible so your older 3.5 projects should open and work fine. PS: you don't need to reinstall X11 or Mono if using Mac - just copy SpotEditor app to your Applications or Desktop.