DIY 360 product photography studio

If you haven't seen our recent short post on PhotoGear 360 about how it all started when we bought our first 360 degree product photography turntable and a lighting kit, click here.

That's about the time when it became clear that there was a lack of a solid out-of-the-box 360 photography software that we could simply package with the 360 photography we kept producing for our clients. Most were mediocre and heavy Flash viewers that required a lot of efforts to configure and integrate and their support was often an issue.

That's how a combination of WebRotate 360 Product Viewer and our desktop authoring tool SpotEditor was born.

And this is what distinguishes WebRotate 360 software developed by us in house in Pasadena, CA - we spent endless hours shooting commercial 360 product images for several years and probably the same amount of time helping our clients integrate the results of our work to understand what it takes to achieve professional results.