Here at WebRotate 360 we are always on the lookout for useful 360 photography resources. And today, thanks to the product photographer Frank Bekker at Amorphium Imaging based in South Africa, this is a short video that Amorphium Imaging just shared on Youtube to demo their neat 360 product photography workflow and setup!

In addition to the 360 product spins, Frank also does a few still shots to produce a complete set of images for each product – all using the same equipment and software.

We will take an educated guess here and suggest that the 360 product photography turntable shown in the video is perhaps one of the larger ones of the Ortery’s PhotoCapture 360 series. Most likely, it’s PhotoCapture 360M with an extended platform to allow for larger items but it could be an L or XL model as well.

PhotoCapture turntables come with their own control software that you can see at work in the video. It automatically synchronizes your camera and the turntable with a lot of handy option such as live preview, ability to re-shoot and refocus on a given shot, set most of you camera settings for your current lighting conditions and a lot more.