Hi folks, here is another v3.5 viewer update from WebRotate 360. We also included a download link below to our latest stable limited beta script (build 123). As usual, just copy the imagerotator folder that you will find in the zip download below over the one you have in your 360 viewer integration.

To apply this update to your existing SpotEditor installation just copy the contents of the SpotEditorUpdate folder that you can also find in the zip over the same files in your SpotEditor installation folder located under Program Files (x86)\WebRotate 360\SpotEditor on Windows. If you are on Mac, right click on the SpotEditor icon, then Show Package Contents and navigate to Contents->Resources and then copy the files from SpotEditorUpdate over the same files under Resources.

March 07, 2014 - You can now download full Beta release for Windows and Mac OS X on our main download page under DOWNLOAD LATEST BETA 3.5

Updated list of features and fixes coming in 3.5:

  • Full-screen option in JavaScript mode. As you probably know, we're discontinuing Flash support going forward with the 3.5 release and the only feature we were lacking in pure JS mode was the full-screen capability. Well, this became possible thanks to the recent enhancements in Firefox, Chrome, Safari and also to some extent in IE and Opera (the last two ones will show a full-browser view vs full-screen that we usually expect from Adobe Flash). This demo below uses a separate high-res image set in the full-screen mode (the same images that are used for the deep zoom), but you can also use your main set of images for the full-screen. This will remove the initial loading while in the full-screen mode and you can even pass a different xml configuration as a viewer parameter so that your full-screen can use completely different images and viewer settings.
  • Support for responsive websites - now you configure your 360 views to stretch horizontally and vertically with the layout of your responsive websites that scale with the browser window or a mobile screen.
  • Simple APIs that allow controlling most of the viewer functionality from your own script, allowing you to have your own control interfaces, override hot-spots, and more.
  • Multiple 360 views on the same page. Many of you have asked about it and now it's done!
  • Out-of-the-box v3.5 integration in Magento, BigCommerce, OpenCart, PrestaShop, WordPress.
  • Revised SpotEditor.
  • jQuery plugin support. It's now possible to use the 360 viewer as a generic jQuery plugin.
  • jQuery 2.x support. jQuery team has released a slimmed down version that drops support for obsolete browsers and some of the functionality that we relied on in the previous releases. v3.5 has been updated to work nicely with the most recent jQuery releases.
  • Inertia or gradual slowdown during drag release. There's also a couple of settings in SpotEditor that will allow you to adjust how fast and responsive the inertia should be.
  • New hot-spot type to effortlessly create video hot-spots based on youtube videos.
  • New hot-spot mode to allow configure the popups to always appear in a predefined (configured) position regardless of where the hot-spot indicator (those small circles) is positioned on a rotating product, helping you create a greater variety of professional looking 360 product spins.
  • New hot-spot behavior that you can use to force the hot-spot activation on mouse click instead of hover / touch mode we had relied on before.
  • New rotation mode that works on mouse hover vs mouse dragging with the left button pressed.
  • Two more standard 360 viewer skins and one mobile skin with less controls and larger graphics.
  • This release addresses the issue with Firefox white image flashing during rotation which was caused by this Firefox bug and was most prominent in the latest FF 17 releases. Similar issue in the latest Opera has been also addressed.
  • The hot-spot issue on Android stock browser and Android Chrome where hot-spots wouldn't stay up under certain conditions is also fixed.
  • Would like to see something else in 3.5, please let us know!

Please note that not all of these features will be available in the free version of WebRotate 360 Product Viewer going forward.

We're also adding a slimmed down paid edition of our 360 photography software that will have some of the features but will not include more advanced options such as API's, multiple on-page 360 product spins, advance hot-spot modes, etc that will be only available in PRO+ and Enteprise. Pricing for PRO+ and Enterprise will be revised as well. Though all clients who have purchased PRO or Enterprise before the official v3.5 release will get the full-featured upgrade, so hurry up and get PRO today - we will be definitely releasing v3.5 shortly.

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