If you haven't heard already, Microsoft has just released their flagship Internet Explorer 10 (IE10) for Windows 7 about a week ago, which we believe will spread pretty quickly.

We have identified a critical issue in this latest IE10 release for Win7 that breaks mouse dragging in all 360 product views running in JavaScript mode with WebRotate 360 Product Viewer v3.0 and also the latest WebRotate 360 Product Viewer Beta 3.5 build 111 (limited release).

To fix the issue in your existing v3.0 deployments, please download imagerotator.js using the following link (the file is inside the zip) and copy it over imagerotator.js located under your imagerotator/html/js folder on your webserver. To update your SpotEditor (desktop) installation, please first find imagerotator.zip in your SpotEditor application installation folder and replace imagerotator.js inside this zip (located under html/js inside the zip).


PS: if you are using the latest 3.5 release of our 360 photography software (it's just a couple of weeks old, so very few folks are using it at the moment), you can download updated build here. Only imagerotator.js under imagerotator/html/js has been affected since the last beta drop.