Hey guys, we thought it would make sense to share this cool video below by File Photography that shows their 360 spin photography setup and process that many of you might find helpful. They have a nice setup and we like their lighting – looks a lot like one of ours (although we don’t use strobes – only continuous lights for 360s!)

Just a couple of notes. As you can see it took quite some time (even though they tried to speed it up in the video) to produce 72 images with the manual turntable operation just for one single product. Perhaps with the help of another person, which we don’t see in the video, the whole process would have been a bit easier, but it’s still time consuming to do this manually. Also looks like the software they used to create the final 360 view was not built for this purpose, not to mention the Flash output that is becoming less and less popular on the web these days.

This is exactly the reason why we are in the business of hassle-free 360 photography. A combination of professional lighting like the one you see in the File Photography video and professional robotic 360 photography turntables plus HTML5 software makes the 360 photography more fun. And from our experience, producing such photography for the last 5 years, this is the most productive way of creating 360 views for e-commerce.