We will be running a one-day promotion event on WebRotate 360 Product Viewer v3 PRO this Thursday, July 26th, offering a whopping 20% DISCOUNT! It is our first global one-day promotion and likely the last one in the next 12 months. This will be the last chance to jump on our full-featured PRO license with the hefty discount and before we make changes to our pricing.

Why full-featured PRO now?

Version 3 was a milestone release for us as we finally got to the point where we could support a solid zoom option and full hot-spot support without Flash. This opens up a lot of opportunities as to where we can move this technology further.

And as we move it further, we want to make it available to more folks out there and our fixed PRO pricing didn't work well for everybody.

Starting with the next release (3.1), we will be adding a new license level - PRO level I, which will costs noticeably less than our current $299 and will still include all functionality we have so far in v3. But it will miss some of the latest features that we are working on right now that we believe not everybody needs. This features include extended API, allowing your web developer to control the viewer externally, the ability to have multiple viewers on the same page and also the "full-screen" or rather full-browser window mode that will allow expanding the view to fit a browser window. PRO level II, which will be an equivalent of our current PRO license, will include all new enhancements but will be offered at a higher price than what it's today.

So in short, by buying our full-featured PRO license now or rather on July 26th with the cool 20% discount, you're getting a free upgrade to PRO level II license and all cool features it will offer with the upcoming 3.1 release and going forward for at least one year.

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UPDATE: Select Buy Now and Enter DSK20PRO to get $60 off on WebRotate 360 Viewer PRO on Thursday, July 26th your local time.

If you already have our PRO or Enterprise license, this v3 upgrade and the upcoming full featured v3.1 upgrade is free.