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New Specialist Store For 360 Photography Launches Today

Pasadena, CA. November 15, 2012

WebRotate 360 LLC launches a new online store dedicated solely to 360 photography equipment and specialty photography software.

WebRotate 360 LLC has announced today the launch of its new online 360 photography equipment store, featuring best in class photography hardware, software and accessories for product photography studios, online retailers, computer game developers and alike. The new website can be found at

The website has a selection of heavy-duty robotic 360 product photography turntables, lighting solutions and software, designed specifically for automated photography workflows and optimized 360-degree image capture.

"At WebRotate 360 we helped hundreds of our clients to succeed by delivering a unique mix of services ranging from 360-degree product photography to interactive digital media and e-commerce software," said Dimitri Bir, Founder of WebRotate 360. "Today we are ready to share our first-hand experience, our know-how, and professional equipment and software with everybody. That's the big difference about in that our shoppers will receive help and assistance from the team of professionals who use the same tools in their day-to-day work in the studio. This is the same equipment and software that helped us succeed at WebRotate 360 and we think we can make it work for you too."

The company also offers its local customers an on-site assistance with the setup of 360 product photography studios using the equipment and software distributed through For more information and details visit

ABOUT WebRotate 360 LLC:

WebRotate 360 LLC are specialists in rich media solutions and web development for Internet retailers, e-commerce providers, manufacturers, and marketing agencies. Located in Pasadena, California, WebRotate 360 has customers in industries ranging from electronics, apparel and accessories to sporting goods and outdoor equipment.

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