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Magento Integration is Now Available with 360 Degree Product Views from WebRotate 360

Pasadena, CA. July 13, 2010

E-commerce stores powered by Magento CMS will get a simple extension to integrate rich media content produced by WebRotate 360.

As more online stores turned to Magento CMS to improve maintainability and reliability of their websites, the need for rich media content that can easily integrate with Magento's standard CMS solution became increasingly evident. This prompted WebRotate 360, a rich media production and development company based in California, to introduce an extension widget that made the job of integrating their popular 360 product viewers with Magento a simple task.

"We saw some of our clients migrating to Magento in the past few months. It was not all that surprising given the recent trends in E-commerce, but we were really unprepared to deal with the complexity of Magento customizations that our customers had to go through as they integrated our 360 product views. With this new extension we hope to alleviate the pain and give the broader Magento community a simple way to add rich interactive content to their websites. " said Dimitri Bir of WebRotate 360.

The extension comes as a standard Magento module that seamlessly integrates with Magento product catalog. It can embed rich media content such as 360 degree product views, interactive product presentations, e-commerce product videos, and similar media components.

Known more for their 360 product photography service, the team at WebRotate 360 doesn't want to stop here. They are working on adding several extensibility add-on's and other rich media features to complement their existing offerings.

ABOUT WebRotate 360 LLC:

WebRotate 360 are specialists in product imaging, product modeling and custom rich media development for Internet retailers, E-commerce providers, manufacturers, and marketing agencies. They provide a full range of product imaging solutions, including high quality 360 degree product photography, interactive product presentations, 360 product viewers for web publishing, consulting, and web development services. WebRotate 360 has customers in industries ranging from electronics, apparel and accessories to sporting goods and outdoor equipment. Founded by experts in web development, graphic design and software development, they are located in Pasadena, California.

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