The latest release of WebRotate 360 Product Viewer v5.0 comes with the first of its kind hardware integration with NOXON's advanced 360 Product Photography Turntable. As of December 2023, this integration is available exclusively on Windows, with plans to extend support to macOS soon.

NOXON, a Spanish firm, specializes in professional photography equipment, including robotic 4-axis camera sliders, cablecams, and various accessories.

The turntable comes with a standard 80cm platform, accommodating objects up to 200kg — a perfect capacity for most commercial studio requirements in 360 product photography. Custom-sized platforms are available upon request.

Its sturdy construction ensures precise rotation and smooth movement with controlled acceleration. A unique offering in this package is the Noxon control accessory, allowing full remote control of the turntable. Remarkably, this accessory is also compatible with other Noxon robotic products, a valuable feature for those considering an investment in, for example, their robotic slider.

So what does WebRotate 360 brings to the table? :)

Turntable and Camera Control in WebRotate 360 SpotEditor

Simply select Noxon in the Integration dropdown when creating a new project to activate the turntable control panel at the bottom of the SpotEditor preview. After configuring USB connections and rotation settings via the gear button, the panel allows you to initiate full-auto or semi-auto stop-motion rotations.

The table's built-in camera integration, using a standard shutter release cable, automatically triggers the connected camera at each stop.

Instant Image Loading & Preview in WebRotate 360 SpotEditor

This feature is available if your camera can automatically download images to a folder on your hard drive when new images are captured. We recommend testing this before making a purchase.

In WebRotate 360 Product Viewer v5 we introduced a new folder monitoring feature. If your camera supports automatic downloading of new images to a folder on a PC, and this folder is set up for monitoring in SpotEditor under the Images -> Rows tab, you will see new 360-degree images loading into the active project's preview window in real-time. You can immediately test and drag the partial 360 view in the preview, as all configured real-time edits (crop, resize, image filters, etc.) are applied automatically.

Bundle Discount

New and existing Noxon customers can enjoy a 20% discount on WebRotate 360 Product Viewer PRO by entering code NOXON360 at checkout.

Likewise, new and existing WebRotate 360 customers can receive a 10% discount on the NOXON Turntable by using code WEBROTATE10 at checkout at