Our new analytics support in PixRiot can help you better understand how 360 product photos and 3d renders you host on PixRiot are being used on the web. In the initial release, available reports include the total number of unique views across all devices, the number of unique views on mobile devices, the number of views by web scanners (e.g search engines, etc), most viewed assets, as well as overall traffic and storage usage in PixRiot.

By tracking the number of unique views, you can get a sense of the overall popularity of your products and how much interest these 360 product views are generating. This information can be useful for a variety of purposes, such as identifying which products are most popular, determining how well your marketing efforts are driving traffic to your website, and identifying opportunities to optimize your website and product offerings. Additionally, tracking the number of views by search bots and other internet scanners can help you understand how much PixRiot traffic is "wasted" by search engines or have an additional insight into your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts.

To access the new feature, select Analytics on the left side of the PixRiot dashboard and pick any of the available reports from the drop-down at the top. Options to change time range and granularity of the reports are available at the top of the dashboard on the right-hand side:

Distribution of unique views between desktop, mobile & crawlers

Additional reports will be introduced shortly and will include the tracking of user interactions with interactive assets such as WebRotate 360 Product Views, similar to what is available in our standalone Google Analytics integration, viewer load times and the ability to track where your asset views are coming from geographically.

We are excited to offer this tool to our existing and new subscribers, and we hope it will help you gain valuable insights into the popularity of your 360 product views and the performance of your marketing efforts.

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