If you haven't noticed, we just quietly released a new version of our popular WordPress plugin.

The announcement was postponed a bit as we were worried it could bring a lot of unexpected customer support during the holidays in case something was overlooked during the release. Now that the holidays are over and we saw a few successful upgrades and new installations, we can finally announce this exciting new release. Why is it exciting?

First off, we have never really released or advertised v3.0 of the plugin. It has been a constant beta for almost a year. And while it packed the new WooCommerce integration and some of the original features of our core 3D product viewer, we never felt it was complete enough to call it a release..

So now with the battle-hardened 3d product viewing function, our brand new SVG skins and the long list of other major core improvements released in the past 12 months (as part of v3.6 core), it is finally a good time to get the new plugin out of the door. Some of the notable plugin enhancements include:

  • API integration in wr360embed and wr360expand shortcodes.
  • wr360expand shortcode now allows full browser window mode instead of our usual full-screen.
  • Minimum viewer height property in shortcodes and global settings.
  • Viewer background color in shortcodes and global settings.
  • Full-screen support inside the popup shortcodes.
  • Custom path for your hotpot indicators (if you have them customized).
  • And a long long list of the core improvements and fixes.

We also consolidated our WordPress downloads and installation instructions as well as the plugin history on a new page that is solely dedicated to the WordPress plugin. We encourage all our users to review the Installation notes that have the most comprehensive up-to-date details on the shortcode config and other related notes.

Take it away!