Creative folks at N2Surplus of Roanoke, VA who specialize in selling new and used industrial parts online, shared a couple of cool pictures of their 360 product photography turntable they recently built for their ongoing photography projects.

The result of their creative thinking was this heavy-duty motorized turntable that was made out of recycled and dismantled parts they had available at their own warehouse.

360 DIY turntable for photography

Here is what it is made of:

  • Turntable – bottom of a metal umbrella stand
  • Box with motor – project / photography box out of a liquidation
  • Plate with Casters – tray for a portable pump
  • DC Permanent Magnet Motor
  • DC Drive
  • Speed Controller – off of a conveyor that they dismantled
  • Wiring – off of the equipment they dismantled
  • Outlet boxes & switches – off of the equipment they dismantled

360 DIY photography turtable

We hope this example will inspire others to build something similar. These custom-built 360 product photography turntables can be fine-tuned to your exact requirements, not to mention their low cost comparing to specialized professional equipment.

And if you need heavy-duty parts for your next project, visit N2Surplus at