Januray 16, 2020 - we plan to release our new SpotEditor for Mac as part of the upcoming v3.6.4 release in January 2020. It's dramatically improved comparing to what we had so far on macOS. No more mono, XQuartz / X11 dependencies, simple one-click secure installation, much better output image quality, fast UI with features that were not on Mac for years. And it works on Catalina. Stay tuned!

If you are on OS X El Capitan or newer macOS, you will need to temporarily disable the new OS "rootless" mode before installing required Mono Framework and X11 as follows:

  • Restart your Mac and hold down Command + R keys on the keyboard while booting to enable recovery mode. Keep holding these keys until you see the macOS Utilities window similar to the sreenshot above.
  • Once booted in recovery mode, navigate to Utilities > Terminal in the top menu as per the screenshot.
  • Enter csrutil disable in the terminal window and hit the return key on your keyboard.
  • Restart your Mac again via the Apple menu -> Restart.
  • Install Mono Framework and X11 as described in readme.txt (supplied with the Mac download) and reboot.
  • Re-enable "rootless" mode by going through steps 1 to 4 and entering csrutil enable in the terminal window in step 3.
  • Double check that SpotEditor app was copied outside of the extracted zip folder and if not, copy it to your desktop for a example. If it doesn't start on the first attempt from your desktop, please check System Preferences->Security & Privacy->General tab to see if it's locked there and unlock if so.

Sept 22, 2017 - the latest version of Safari 11 adds extra restrictions for the local previews of WebRotate 360 product views. To be able to preview your published work locally in Safari 11 and up, navigate to Safari's Develop menu and check "Disable Local File Restrictions" as shows in this screenshot.

June 22, 2017 - if you have access to Windows environment, for the time being (while we're working on a native Mac "rewrite"), we suggest our Windows app as it's easy to install and works much better.

October 08, 2015 - X11 can be downloaded here: http://xquartz.macosforge.org/landing/
Mono Framework 2.10.9_12 is included in our Mac downloads as MonoFramework-MDK-2.10.9_12.macos10.xamarin.x86.dmg