We have seen our share of cool DIY 360 product photography turntables, but this recent tutorial is a rare find!

Adam Pereszlenyi from Hungary shared tons of info and supporting materials for his DIY solution: from step-by-step guide on how to build the hardware and automation via Arduino Nano to free software and designs for 3D printing of some of the parts required for his assembly.

To control the camera and turntable rotation Adam developed a piece of software that requires Linux OS and which can be downloaded on his website for free (although donations are welcome!). The camera support that his Linux solution provides is impressive – more than one thousand cameras (list of supported cameras).

This motorized turntable for 360 product photography can be an answer for those folks who like to build DIY solutions and don’t want to shell out for professional equipment such as Ortery PhotoCapture 360.

We thank Adam for putting together such a neatly organized tutorial!