Did you know that we added three new 360 product viewer skins and a bunch of new hotspot indicator shapes in v3.5?

Even though this release was not about flashy graphics and such (read more), we managed to sneak in these colorful hotspot indicator shapes, plus two new toolbar skins (round, retina) and an empty skin for your API needs as well.

The Retina skin was specifically designed for 360 product viewing on mobile devices with high resolution screens. It looks equally sharp on desktop monitors or the new iPads with retina display & other high-res smartphones and tablets. Here's a screenshot of the skin:

More skins are in works and we have some cool new ideas for extra hotspot indicators too.

Remember, you can always add your own graphics for the hotspot indicators that can be anything you like (i.e., text, bullets, arrows, etc..) and, of course, you can easily customize the existing skins or add new ones as it's all in CSS. With the recent addition of our API you can go completely wild on how you present your 360 product viewer controls and the new empty skin, we hope, should help with that!