This feature has been available in the standalone WebRotate 360 Product Viewer (Beta v3.5) for a while now but we didn't have a chance to update our WordPress plugin to support it fully - up until now, if the viewer width was set to 100% (or any other relative percentage) in the WordPress shortcode, only width would scale but the height would remain the same as specified in the shortcode. Now you can make the height scale proportionally as well:

Here's an extract from our WordPress page with the details about the new parameter:

You can also add an extra shortcode parameter called basewidth and specify the original width of your embedded 360 product viewer (i.e., basewidth=”620px”). So when your primary shortcode width parameter is relative (i.e 100%, etc), the basewidth setting will force the 360 product viewer to scale its height relative to your original viewer width (basewidth). If the basewidth parameter is not set, the viewer height is not scaled when it’s embedded in a responsive layout environment.

You can see a demo in the link below. Just resize your web browser to see the effect:

Similar support is being added to our Magento, OpenCart, Prestashop and BigCommerce integration and our new Umbraco integration will be available shortly as well.